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D.L & Co. was founded by Douglas Little with the sole purpose of bringing a more vibrant way of living into this world.  His inspiration ranges from Victorian surrealism, obscure botanicals and ancient charm. In the creation of his perfumes and candles, Douglas uses only rare and natural essential oils. He combines these with a patented blend of soy, maple, and palm waxes, D.L &Co. candles are formulated to burn evenly in order to maximize the dispersal of their perfume.

D.L & Company creates fragrances which transform environments from the mundane to the sublime. Each one of this company's fine candles and fragrance diffusers is made from the highest quality wax; the same grade used in skincare products. As well as giving an incredibly clean burn, this wax also has a lower melting temperature, which means that the pure essential oils are released into the room intact for a truly captivating and lasting scent. 

The packaging is also a very important factor of the D.L & Co. brand; it is a real labour of love and attention to detail. The packaging and aesthetic has the refinement and elegance of the past yet feels incredibly modern at the same time. 

D.L & Co.'s range of scented candles and fragrance diffusers are exquisite gift items that are elegant, beautiful and also a little decadent. Each D.L &Co candle and fragrance diffuser come handsomely packaged in a silk box with a satin ribbon bow; the distinctive scalloped glass vessel was inspired by the art deco movement and is offered in an array of frosted colours. D.L. & Co. was born of the desire to bring objects of opulence and beauty to those who yearn for the uncommon and exquisite.

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