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Andreas Bös and Jonathan Strauss have always had a passion for fine coffee and by channelling their expertise in luxury watchmaking, product innovation and precision engineering, they have invented ‘the perfect cup’ in which coffee lovers can enjoy exceptional espresso. Infused with beauty, nobility and expert craftsmanship each Deviehl cup is a delight to the eyes and the taste buds, allowing the subtle nuances, flavours and aromas of each blend escape.

The perfect harmony of shape, size, height and width, the Deviehl cup is a technological marvel with insulating properties to keep coffee at the optimum temperature for longer. Crafted from individually selected materials such as exotic woods and shining metals, each piece is hand turned and finished by highly skilled craftsmen, distinguishing the brand from industrially made collections. A wonderful combination of artisanal traditional and cutting edge technology, every Deviehl cup is an art form for your table to server exquisite coffee every day. 

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