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Dayna Decker

Founder & Chief Creative Director of her self-titled home ambience and body care company, Dayna Decker is a style innovator and trendsetter. Her years spent globetrotting as a Ford Model allowed her to develop an astute eye for decadence and sophistication which she uses in the creation of every luxurious Dayna Decker product. Deeply conscious of their environmental impact, their formulations use the highest quality of natural ingredients possible and are committed to interoffice green practices through paperless systems & recycling programmes.

Dayna Decker has created a niche in the home fragrance & body care industry through exclusive patented technology which fuse creativity, innovation & style to bring you some of the top products in the market. Their mantra Enjoy, Indulge & Luxuriate runs through every aspect of the brand’s divine scented candles & diffusers to bring exotic and intoxicating scents to the home.