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Cumbria Crystal

Cumbria Crystal was founded in 1976 by Lord and Lady Cavendish alongside a small group of businessmen with the aim of producing exceptional, handmade full lead crystal tableware. Craftsmanship and creativity are core principles for the company and it remains one of the last English hand blown and hand cut full lead crystal manufacturers to this day. During its existence Cumbria Crystal has never produced overseas or used automated machinery as they strive to keep these traditional skills alive in England.

Sticking true to its roots the company continues to employ a small workforce of 14 artisans hailing from Stourbridge, the heart of the English crystal industry. The quality of their work has led to an impressive client list, including all British Embassies and residencies across the world and numerous royal families. With collections in London’s famous retailers such as Linley, Thomas Goode and Lee Brown the company even produced crystal for the critically acclaimed Georgian television series Downton Abbey.

Each piece Cumbria Crystal produces has been hand made from start to finish. Composed of more than 30% lead their crystal is a more brilliant, sparkling glass than traditional standards; marking them out as a real hallmark of quality. From glasses and tumblers to bowls and decanters, each piece of Cumbria Crystal’s tableware makes a beautiful addition to any home.

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