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Calvin Klein - Alpine Meadow Duvet Cover
Alpine Meadow Duvet Cover £229.00 to £249.00
Calvin Klein - Bonaire Duvet Cover
Bonaire Duvet Cover £229.00 to £249.00
Calvin Klein - Luster Wash Rug - Chrome
Luster Wash Rug - Chrome £379.00 to £2,299.00
Calvin Klein - Man Made Light Duvet
Man Made Light Duvet £100.00 to £145.00
Calvin Klein - Canyon Indigo Duvet Cover
Canyon Indigo Duvet Cover £199.00 to £219.00
Calvin Klein - Canyon Platine Duvet Cover
Canyon Platine Duvet Cover £199.00 to £219.00
Calvin Klein - Riviera Midnight Towel
Riviera Midnight Towel £20.00 to £69.00
Calvin Klein - Aurora Indigo Duvet Cover
Aurora Indigo Duvet Cover £199.00 to £219.00
Calvin Klein - Linear Glow Rug - Aqua
Linear Glow Rug - Aqua £199.00 to £999.00
Calvin Klein - Man Made Warm Duvet
Man Made Warm Duvet £130.00 to £170.00
Calvin Klein - Riviera White Towel
Riviera White Towel £45.00 to £69.00
Calvin Klein - Tundra Rug - Delta
Tundra Rug - Delta £199.00 to £999.00
96 Products

Calvin Klein

Internationally recognised design company Calvin Klein was established in the 1960’s when the brand showcased a line of women’s coats in a makeshift showroom-office in New York City. From humble beginnings, the brand that is famous for its classic, American style quickly grew into an iconic fashion empire.

For over 40 years, Calvin Klein has remained at the forefront of the fashion industry with a strong brand identity of clean, simple lines spanning across the entire range of clothing, fragrance & jewellery. The uniquely classic designs are now available in a range of luxurious homeware including rugs, duvet covers, beach towels & bathrobes all reflecting the elegant & iconic style of the luxurious brand.

96 matching products, priced from £ 19.50 to £ 2,299.00