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by Lassen

Founded in Denmark, by Lassen is a unique design company which works with a variety of designers. The iconic Scandinavian company works with a variety of talented designers, including two highly acclaimed architects: Mogens Lassen and Flemming Lassen. The Lassen brothers are synonymous with distinctive design and are responsible for the company’s iconic Kubus candlesticks which are iconic in the world of modern international design.

by Lassen has grown from the success of these designs and this family business has one simple mission: to carry the Lassen legacy forward. Established by the third and fourth generations of the family, the focus is primarily on honouring the heritage of Mogens and Flemming Lassen. Since working with other designers to preserve and produce original sketches from the brothers, the Kubus candlesticks have been joined by new designs for furniture, lamps and home accessories which, when situated in your interior, will express contemporary Functionalism combined with true Danish craftsmanship. 

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