Don’t even dream of taking tea without Burleigh. Crafting high quality ceramics for over 160 years, Burleigh use traditional
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Burleigh has been creating uniquely crafted tableware for nearly 160 years and is a longstanding British institution at the heart of the Stoke on Trent pottery industry. With each piece still made at Middleport Pottery, the only working Victorian pottery in the UK today, the brand uses original machinery and skills which have been passed down through generations of craftsmen.

Combining ball clay from Devon and china clay from Cornwall to form the iconic Burleigh earthenware, the mixture is carefully processed in the pottery’s slip house using original machinery from 1889 before being placed in moulds to form the classic tableware shapes. The brand is famous for their unique use of a traditional decorating method called tissue printing, a painstakingly intricate task. First an engraver carves the design onto a copper roller, a long process in itself which can take up to 1000 hours to complete. The copper roller is then placed in a historic Victorian roller press for ink to be added, then rolled onto delicate tissue paper. After the tissue is printed, it is cut to the perfect shape before being carefully transferred to the earthenware biscuit by rubbing with soft soap - a skill that takes years for the craftsmen to master. Fired three times throughout the production process at increasingly hot temperatures, the earthenware not only finishes this process wonderfully patterned, but it is also durable and is safe for both dishwasher and microwave use.

From a modern country kitchen to an elegantly traditional dining table, Burleigh tableware takes pride of place with many designs derived from early Victorian patterns. Some of the most iconic designs like Calico have been in continuous production for many years, with many still in the classic blue and white shades. Ideal for mixing and matching to bring a romantic touch of nostalgia to your kitchen, dining table and side board, Burleigh designs are influenced by nature with floral and wildlife motifs and every piece is unique due to the extensive handmade manufacturing process. 

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