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Bugatti - Glamour Storage Jar - Green
Glamour Storage Jar - Green £17.00 to £20.75
Bugatti - Glamour Storage Jar - Black
Glamour Storage Jar - Black £17.00 to £20.75
Bugatti - Glamour Storage Jar - White
Glamour Storage Jar - White £18.25 to £20.75

Bugatti - Tea & Coffee

Casa Bugatti wants to stimulate your interest by continually creating original and interesting solutions to modern day life. Relying on an internationally known brand name is not enough, the quality and beauty of each kitchenware item is vital. At Casa Bugatti they want to change the way you think about your table top and kitchen. Bugatti take a basic, everyday item, such as the coffee machine, and then evaluate and modify it so they can present you with a brand new concept, the Bugatti Coffee machines, helping to make the experience of buying kitchenware and luxury gifts a new world for you to discover. The Bugatti approach to coffee has resulted in the Bugatti Diva Coffee machines. These fabulous Bugatti Diva coffee makers make cappuccinos, lattes, & even macchiatos. These Diva Bugatti coffee machines come in a variety of styles including the incredibly chic chrome design.