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Brinkhaus - The Pearl Duvet
The Pearl Duvet £445.00 to £495.00
Brinkhaus - Bauschi Lux Medium Duvet
Bauschi Lux Medium Duvet £119.00 to £219.00
Brinkhaus - The Opal Duvet
The Opal Duvet £299.00 to £345.00
Brinkhaus - Chalet Med Duvet
Chalet Med Duvet £789.00 to £865.00
Brinkhaus - Bauschi Lux Summer Duvet
Bauschi Lux Summer Duvet £109.00 to £195.00
Brinkhaus - Chalet Summer Duvet
Chalet Summer Duvet £439.00 to £529.00
Brinkhaus - Bauschi Lux Warm Duvet
Bauschi Lux Warm Duvet £195.00 to £245.00
Brinkhaus - The Crystal Duvet
The Crystal Duvet £335.00 to £389.00
Brinkhaus - The Gem Duvet

Brinkhaus - Duvets

Brinkhaus are famous for their duvets and pillows and know that the highest 'fill' power and the lightest down for filling come from mature, fully grown free range geese farmed for their down alone. The Mazurian Farmers Down comes from Mazuria in Poland where free range geese are kept for their pure down. The down is combed with great gentleness, care and hygiene. The result; luxury Brinkhaus duvets. The geese are only combed during their natural moulting season and return to their sheltered fields afterwards.