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Bluebellgray - Wisteria Floor Cushion
Bluebellgray - Wisteria Cushion
Wisteria Cushion £75.00 to £85.00
Bluebellgray - Lola Tassel Cushion
Bluebellgray - Lola Pillowcase
Bluebellgray - Tetbury Duvet Cover
Tetbury Duvet Cover £65.00 to £115.00
Bluebellgray - Lola Duvet Cover
Lola Duvet Cover £65.00 to £115.00
Bluebellgray - Mode Duvet Cover
Mode Duvet Cover £65.00 to £115.00
Bluebellgray - Taransay Duvet Cover
Taransay Duvet Cover £65.00 to £115.00
Bluebellgray - Wisteria Duvet Cover
Wisteria Duvet Cover £65.00 to £115.00
Bluebellgray - Abstract Duvet Cover
Abstract Duvet Cover £65.00 to £115.00
Bluebellgray - Prussian Rug
Prussian Rug £899.00
Bluebellgray - Arya Teal Cushion - 30x70cm
Arya Teal Cushion - 30x70cm £80.00 £40.00
Bluebellgray - Portree Tassle Cushion
Portree Tassle Cushion £82.00 to £105.00
Bluebellgray - Impressionist Teal Cushion
Impressionist Teal Cushion £60.00 to £130.00
Bluebellgray - Rain Fitted Sheet - Duck Egg
Rain Fitted Sheet - Duck Egg £30.00 to £55.00
Bluebellgray - Wee Archie with Pom Poms
Wee Archie with Pom Poms £95.00 to £195.00
Bluebellgray - Devon Duvet Cover
Devon Duvet Cover £65.00 to £115.00
Bluebellgray - Lola Rug
Lola Rug £375.00
Bluebellgray - Abstract Lamp Shade
Abstract Lamp Shade £70.00 to £85.00
145 Products


Bluebellgray is an exciting Scottish textile design company specialising in the home interiors market. Influenced by a love of colour and all things floral, the designs are something unique and special. Each one is painted by hand in the Bluebellgray studio before being printed onto natural cottons and linens using state of the art printing technology.

Every brushstroke and colour is captured by the printing methods Bluebellgray use, ensuring the authentic feel of a hand painted design. Created by Fi Douglas, Bluebellgray was set up in the summer of 2009, with the idea to create fresh, modern floral designs. Adorning cushions, make-up bags and bed linen, you can take her beautifully unique designs with you wherever you go.

Bluebellgray was shortlisted for an Elle Decoration Design award at the end of 2010. The design philosophy behind the brand adheres to the ‘eclectic mix’ school of thought, encouraging the designs to sit beside flea market finds and family heirlooms.

As Fiona says ‘it’s ok when things don’t match, if you love it- go with it!’ Bluebellgray designs are aimed at people looking for something unique and individual for their home, an antidote to mass production.