Anne-Claire Petit

Enter the colourful world of Anne-Claire Petit. Find beautifully designed and crafted crochet toys and home accessories that
Crochet soft toys by Anna Clair Petit.
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Anne-Claire Petit

The colourful crocheted world of Anne-Claire Petit is full of beautifully hand crafted accessories and toys for children & the home. Designed by Anne-Claire Petit, the collection began back in 2001 when after years of designing fashion accessories she chose to shift her focus to a kids & home collection. Happy to be able to easily translate her love of colour and natural material into a wide variety of objects, she also enjoys that she can now offer a collection that doesn’t go out of style after one short season.

All of the detailed work of the Anne-Claire Petit is hand crafted by women living in countryside villages of Northern China. They have passed on their handiwork traditions for many generations and crocheting is part of their cultural and craft heritage. They determine their own hours, working around school or harvest time to suit their priorities.

The designs are sketched in the Amsterdam offices and then they get sent to the crochet expert team in China. Once the final prototype is agreed on the skilled women in the rural villages can start work. Biological cotton is used, and to maintain the intensity of colours the cotton is dyed specifically for Anne-Claire Petit.

With all the time and care put into each object by her and by the women who do the skilled handwork, Anne-Claire believes each design is made to be cherished for a long time. 

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