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Alessi - Parmenide Grater - White
Parmenide Grater - White £13.50 £12.02
Alessi - Todo Cheese Grater - 46cm
Alessi - Apostrophe Orange Peeler
Apostrophe Orange Peeler £16.00 £15.04
Alessi - Parmenide Grater - Red
Parmenide Grater - Red £13.50 £12.02

Alessi - Graters & Peelers

A great collection of Alessi graters and Alessi peelers are also avaialble at Amara. The iconic 'Todo' Alessi cheese grater is a prime example, as well as the practical Parmenide graters and designer Apostrophe Orange Peeler. All of these products are delivered next day in the UK as standard!