On-Trend Dining: 5 Table Setting Ideas for 2021

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From relaxed everyday dining to special occasions, a superbly styled dining table begins with on-trend tableware and flatware which is at the core of any table setting. Whether rustic and traditional or unique and contemporary, there are endless dinnerware and flatware looks to explore. So which dining looks are on trend for this year? And will it get your table noticed whether you are having a classic family meal or a sophisticated soirée? We take a look at five key table setting and decoration ideas for 2021 to inspire your next dinner party.

art deco dining

Art Deco Design

Art Deco design is a historic look which is certainly here to stay. Synonymous with the 1920s, Art Deco design has had a resurgence and influences of this style can be seen in many modern trends. From industrial luxe to geometrics and monochrome patterns, it’s a timeless look for all seasons.

Art Deco table settings are a fantastic way to add a hint of the glamorous design without having to overhaul your existing decor. They allow you to be bold with patterns to create a statement dining table look, which lends itself to both fine and everyday dining settings. Once you have your patterned tableware, look at complementing flatware and napkin rings and cloth napkins to finish the look.

Art Deco dinnerware can be fantastic paired with either contemporary or vintage flatware with striking lines. If you’ve chosen a monochrome colorway, gold flatware is an opulent contrast to the minimalistic black and white.

gold tableware

The Golden Touch

As mentioned above, gold flatware is an opulent addition to any table setting and is a look which is set to be huge this year. Our love for warm metallics is still spreading throughout the entire home. It has moved on from rosy copper to gleaming brass and gold hues, which effortlessly transfer to the dining table.

If you are searching for luxury table setting ideas, look no further than this trend which will add opulence to any meal. Combined with other luxury materials and patterns such as the marble dinnerware seen above, gold table settings can be easily layered with other colors to add to the vibrancy of the look.

Alternatively, it can be pared back with earthy or leaf tones for a wonderfully natural feel with just a touch of sparkle. Organic table decorations break up the lines of the dinner table, and with some heavy table linens, the look is complete.

white and gold textured tableware

Tactile Textures

Textured home accessories have been prevalent in many refined interiors over the last year and the raised and embossed patterns are also making waves in the tableware industry.

From fabric inspired ridges to mock-crocodile skin patterns and cabbage leaf designs, textured dinnerware is best in block colors for a beautiful setting. It lets the raised designs shine and, dependent on the pattern, can have a luxury or laid back feel. Animal-inspired relief designs such as crocodile, snakeskin or even shagreen are perfect for occasion table settings where added drama is needed. These patterns can be paired with statement modern flatware designs for the ultimate in sophisticated dining settings.

A simple textured finish on glassware or porcelain, like raised dots, can either be pared back or elevated by your choice of accessories. The more relaxed textured patterns – tile motifs, fabric inspired designs and tactile ceramic finishes – benefit from traditional flatware choices, which will create a classic everyday dining look.

rustic tableware

Rustic Elegance

Rustic tableware is a look that will never go out of style. Reminiscent of sprawling country houses and lazy summer evenings spent in the garden, it is a classic look for any table setting.

Rustic table settings are all about laid-back aesthetic appeal, so think soothing colors with delicate flourishes like the soft gray edges in the image above. An artisanal table runner finishes the look, for a truly beautiful table. As mentioned earlier, with textures, different ceramic effects can also make for interesting dinnerware designs. Think unglazed surfaces or crackled finishes, both of which will add instant rustic charm to the table.

For rustic flatware, opt for more traditional styles which will complement the dinnerware. Vintage flat end flatware is ideal if you are looking for rustic table setting ideas. Flatware with brushed finishes are also perfectly suited to these settings rather than contemporary mirror polished designs.

silver tableware

Silver Lining

Forever timeless and forever stylish, silver shades make glistening additions to any dining table. More pared-back than other metallics, gray, gunmetal and silver make an easy backdrop to other colors, meaning you can have fun with tablecloth, napkins and other accessories. Pair with sleek shiny flatware and modern glasses to give your tablescape a picture-perfect look. It’s perfect for bringing a little sparkle to the Christmas table, too.