Pinterest Predicts: Top 10 Trends for 2021

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We take a look at what to expect trend-wise in 2021 according to inspiration giant Pinterest. Their yearly not-yet-trending report is the perfect resource to stay ahead of the curve and a window into the future directly from the place where people go to plan it. Spanning numerous industries from travel to fashion, Pinterest Predicts showcases the searches which have grown the most and therefore what we’ll be seeing everywhere in the coming months.

After a whirlwind year in 2020, Pinterest have discovered that when everything breaks, so do the norms. And 2021 won’t be about getting ‘back to normal’ or even ‘the new normal’, nobody cares about ‘normal' anymore. This year, people will take old ideas and reinvent them. It's a rebirth, not a reset.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about in 2021…

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1. New Year, New Hue

Getting the spotlight treatment in 2021 is neon lights. It seems that Gen Z has been pinning away ideas of reinventing their bedrooms with bright, color-drenched lighting. LED lighting is a 2021 vibe.

With a 155% increase in searches for ‘blue LED lights bedroom’ and three times as many searches for ‘LED light signs’, Pinners are on the hunt for bright ideas. From statement slogans and motifs, neon lights are set to be the glow-up of the year.

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2. Shelfies

Our (Zoom) backgrounds have never been more important. Whether it’s a well-thought-out gallery wall or lifelong book collection, interior enthusiasts have had the opportunity to showcase their style from the comfort of their own home. And in 2021, the Shelfie game is only going to get bigger. The biggest move will be in the kitchen, so it’s time to wave goodbye to your cupboard doors and say hello to statement tableware and colorful glassware that’s been made to show off.

Pinners are keen to make a real statement, there was a 35% rise on eye-catching ‘copper cookware’ and an even more impressive 135% uplift for ‘colored glassware’. Proving the point further was the 130% increase for ‘kitchen floating shelves decor’ and ‘plate racks in kitchen’, so what are you waiting for? Start hanging those shelves.

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3. Behind Closed Doors

With our homes becoming more multifunctional than ever, it seems only natural that open-plan living was on everyone’s lips. However, it seems the tide is turning against this all-encompassing idea with specialized rooms becoming the new in thing. Pinners are getting creative behind closed doors and this year we’ll all find out what a ‘cloffice’ is. And even when doors aren’t available, we’ll be finding new ways to create some personal space.

There was a 150% increase on ‘bookshelf room divider’ and ‘home library design’ was searched for seven more times than in 2020, showing that people are more than ready to find their own space away from the living-room-come-classroom-come-boardroom. Take a look at smart furniture and room dividers to separate spaces from each other.

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4. Wanderlust

If there’s something everyone is missing, it’s getting away and exploring somewhere new. It seems that Pinners have taken to their boards to plan ahead and are escaping to the hypothetical, even if they can’t travel any time soon. Immersing themselves with researching dream getaways, there was a 50% boost on ‘luxury holiday’ and 100% year-on-year increase for ‘forest resort’.

Just because your next escape feels like a lifetime away doesn’t mean you can’t bring the far-flung vibe home. Bring out those holiday knick-knacks you’ve had stored away since you unpacked and pair with exotic patterns and tactile surfaces for a look that'll get you inspired for your next trip.

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5. Invest in Rest

When it comes to self-care it really does start with sleep-care. Upping your bedtime routine into something a little more luxurious is the perfect way to ensure you’re ready for drift off.

There’s plenty of ways for you to bring a restful intention to your regime, from aroma diffusers and scented candles to pre-bed yoga or indulging in a good book. Pinterest saw an 80% increase for ‘sleep blends for diffuser’ and three times as many searches for ‘before sleep workout’, showing that the importance of getting your recommended eight hours is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Investing in high-quality bed linen is the perfect starting place, think high thread counts and smooth sheets. Another thing to think about is aromatherapy, our guide has some handy tips on what scents work best to encourage sleep.

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6. Craftwork

After spending so much time at home in 2020, it seems that almost everyone picked up a new hobby or two. It seems that Pinners leaned into hands-on activities all year such as embroidery, tie-dying and crochet. With three times as many searches for ‘aesthetic embroidery’ and an outstanding 155% increase for ‘crochet basics’, the world really did discover new ways to entertain itself once it run out of Netflix to watch.

With so much new equipment in the house it’s important to stay organized, so investing in smart storage is a must for any embroidery enthusiast. Don’t forget to show-off your creations with display boxes and frames or if you managed to knit a whole throw (without giving up halfway through) make sure it has pride of place on your sofa. It doesn’t end there, this homemade bohemian trend can be created with investing in artisanal pieces, think rustic finishes, tactile surfaces and irregular patterns.

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7. Bathleisure

It’s more important than ever to treat yourself. Since spa days are out of the question for the foreseeable creating your own at-home spa truly is the perfect way to unwind. We’re not talking about your typical bubble bath experience, there was a 145% year-on-year rise on searches for ‘deep soaking tub’ and 180% increase for ‘spiritual cleansing bath’, it seems that Pinners are taking bath time very seriously.

When it comes to supercharging your soak take the time to invest in quality towels, there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself into a fluffy surface post-bath. If you’re looking to make small changes, you can give your bathroom an entirely new look with just accessories. Planning a complete overhaul? Our bathroom inspiration shoppable boards are bubbling with ideas.

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8. Top of the Class

Not only have our homes become office spaces for many they’ve become schools too. With plenty of children learning remotely from home diligent parents are looking to ensure they’re little ones are getting the most out of homeschooling. With increases in searches for ‘art education projects’ and ‘pencil shaving art for children’, parents are keen to find inventive ways to inspire and support their children’s education.

It’s more important than ever to ensure children have a safe and stimulating environment for learning. Think bright colors, bold prints and playful accessories. From desks and chairs made for little hands and legs to inspiring prints and stationery, homeschooling essentials are high on Pinner’s lists.

pastel sofa minimalist living room japandi

9. Japandi

A marriage of two beloved looks, the Japandi aesthetic celebrates the best of Scandinavian interiors and blends it with key highlights from Japanese spaces. Not letting 8000km of distance between the two destinations get in the way of style similarities, this fresh take on modern minimalism features sleek lines, neutral color schemes and calming set-ups.

Get more inspiration by taking a look at our Japandi article.

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10. Manifestation Station

Alternative spirituality has been at the forefront of Pinner’s minds for a while and by the looks of it, it’s about to enter the mainstream. With a 105% year-on-year increase in searches for 'manifestation techniques' and people six times more likely to search ‘zodiac sign facts’, it’s clear that everyone is getting in touch with their spiritual side.

When it comes to decorating your home think zodiac symbols (what’s your star sign?), celestial patterns and dreamy quartz. Remember to take some time for self-reflection with journaling and yoga during quieter moments to set your intentions for the year ahead. Grab a protection crystal, double-check your birth chart and visualize your highest self – it’s time to make 2021 your own.

Feeling the vibes? Find out why everyone is talking about crystals.