Neon Interior Design Ideas

Oct 1, 2021

Neon Interior

When you can’t rely on the sun, why not brighten up your living room instead? Inspired by fluorescent lights, brash city center neon signage, festival culture and all things bright and beautiful, neon is a brave choice for those looking to add more than just a pop of color to their space. Whether it’s atomic orange accessories or electric yellow furniture, peppering your home with neon nuances promises to inject life and break up the neutrals. And it’s easier to achieve than you think. Wave goodbye to bland and bring on the brights, these are our top neon interior design ideas.

Atomic Orange Accents

Orange Interior
Jonathan Adler

Floor-to-ceiling neon? It’s not for the fainthearted. Start simple and dip your toe into the trend with a few splashes of color here and there. Orange is a passionate and vibrant color with deep, warming undertones, and although it’s bright it’s incredibly welcoming. That makes it just perfect for the bedroom. Break up the look with complementing hues (dark tones work best to offset the eye-catching orange) and introduce a variety of patterns and textures to create a positive environment you’ll love to wake up in.

Electric Yellow Furniture

Neon Yellow Furniture
Jonathan Adler

The best seat in the house? It’s bright yellow and unashamedly bold. Living room furniture is one of the easiest ways to embrace the neon trend as it lets you play with color and pattern without any long-term commitments. A brilliant splash of dayglo in a leather recliner sofa certainly isn’t for the shrinking violet in you, but against a more neutral backdrop it’ll create a come-hither seat that you and your guests won’t be able to resist. If you find it overwhelming, cover it with a throw some of the time and you’re guaranteed the flush of brilliance every time you reveal it.

The easy allure of over the top style is equally true in the dining room. As one of the rooms in your home where you spend the least amount of time, it is the perfect space to experiment with colors when you’re feeling brave. Bring the sunshine in with electric yellow dining chairs and offset their vibrancy with monochrome soft furnishings. Scatter pops of color in the form of candles and dinnerware and complete the scheme with plenty of fresh greenery to bring tropical vibes, whatever the weather.

Your Cue to Clash

Neon Interior

Highlighter yellow, shocking pink and lime green. These head-turning hues are special in their own ways, but splash them together and they’ll brighten up your home as well as your mood. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors in one space – this is an exercise in color and pattern clashing and it can’t be ignored. Stripes, zigzags and tassel detailing bring structure and depth to even the most minimal of settings, but experiment with different geometrics to find a look that suits your space. A more subdued corner sofa offers a sensible grounding, because it’s the pillows and accessories that set the look alight. However you choose to clash, be bold and confident in your objects and you’ll create a look you love.

Get the Glow with Neon Lighting

Talking Tables

The days of ’90s neon kitsch are gone. Neon sign lighting is back with a bang and it’s highlighting our interiors in all the right ways. It’s easy to find neon sign makers who can bend you a bespoke message in any color you like, so prepare your room for a feast of fluorescent fun.

Whether it’s the home bar or the bedroom, make your favorite space a focal point with statement lighting that’s made to stand out. There’s a wide range of abstract shapes and forms to choose from – give your wall its own emoji or just an abstract shape to break up solid lines elsewhere in the room.

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