How to Mix Furniture Styles

Mar 26, 2020

how to mix furniture

Move aside furniture sets, this year we’re all about mismatching. When it comes to investing in large furniture it’s easy to stick to one style or period, from mid-century & traditional to modern & Scandi; but why not have a little fun with furniture? Here we’ll show you how to combine key pieces from different styles and periods to create a look that’s altogether more you…

Play with Scale

Ferm Living
Ferm Living
Ferm Living
Ferm Living

You can mix furniture of all styles and periods as long as you remember one key rule: you must achieve a sense of balance in the room. When we talk about scale, we mean the proportions of different pieces of furniture and how their sizes & appearances complement each other. For example, this weighty, curved coffee table from Ferm Living, with its distinctively retro appearance, is the perfect complement to the sleek lines of this modern sofa. And when the room is finished with an elegant, unfussy chair in solid black, perfect balance is achieved.

Mix Materials

open plan living
bmak /

Choose a variety of materials to stop your scheme from looking flat. This works especially well in open plan spaces where there’s more room for each material to shine. This living space has mixed a variety of textures that all work in harmony together: notice the sleek marble countertop, the modern leather bar stools and the traditional, oversize side table made from the darkest of woods. These pieces demand attention, so the designer has offset the space with a humble textile sofa to balance the scheme.

Keep it Monochrome

black and white kitchen
hd3dsh /

Limiting the palette to one or two colors will stop a room from clashing for all the wrong reasons. Featuring ornate cabinetry in jet black, this traditional looking kitchen is offset by sleek built-in appliances, modern bar stools and the most minimalist of hardware. The result? A look that really shouldn’t work, but does because of its simple, monochrome colorway. Proof that you can really have some fun with furniture styles if you’re willing to pare back the color scheme.

Choose One Statement Piece

Vadim Andrushchenko /

All great interiors start with a focal point. Choose yours and build the rest of the scheme around it. In this space, the coffee table is the centerpiece, bringing the perfect tonal pop to an otherwise colorless room. Complemented by a modern reading nook in a distinctly Scandi style and a mid-century modern sofa space, the furniture in this room each has its own distinctive style, but they work together perfectly.