20 Luxury Loft Bedroom Ideas to Enhance Your Home

Jul 25, 2019

Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Absolute Lofts

With an increasing amount of homeowners choosing to improve their properties rather than move into new ones, opting to convert a loft area is looking to be the way forward for many families. Renowned for adding the extra space to our homes that we all desire, loft conversions are extremely versatile and have the ability to be transformed into anything from a private home office, to a cosy lounge area or extra bedroom. The perfect ‘secret room’, loft bedrooms bring an element of surprise to each home, and what better wow factor to add than delightfully designed interiors too?

Although loft bedrooms often lack in size, the majority do not lack in extraordinary architecture, which can be used to your advantage throughout the design process. There is a world of interior design ideas open to loft conversion bedrooms and no reason why small spaces cannot be stylish and liveable too.

Whether you already have a loft conversion or are thinking of adapting your home to create one, there’s a lot to take into account when it comes to the interior design of a loft bedroom. The LuxPad has created a roundup of luxury loft bedroom ideas with the help of some talented interior designers, giving you all the inspiration you could possibly need to transform your loft room. From space-enhancing features to clever storage options, find out how practicality and style can go hand in hand.

Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Alex Findlater

"A loft conversion is an ideal opportunity to star gaze or daydream; enjoy the wonders of the universe as you unwind. A bedroom at the top of the house is very special – quiet, restful and private. Position the bed under a skylight so you can relax and enjoy your unique atmospheric view of the world. Your new luxury loft bedroom will not only provide the additional space you need, but much more – it will offer a new connection with nature." - Yasmin Chopin

Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Richard Chivers and Alexander Martin Architects
Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Richard Chivers and Alexander Martin Architects

Egon Walesch, Interior Designer

"A loft conversion project that particularly stands out for me is one by architect Alexander Martin in an Arts and Crafts property in Hampstead. It combines a number of obsessions of mine. The detailing of the conversion is immaculate with beautiful bespoke joinery. The detailed planning is self-evident and it is clear that the homeowners played a part, specifying and quantifying clearly and precisely what would be stored so that the bookcases and other storage could be built around their needs. The design is simple and minimal and complements rather than fights with the existing Arts and Crafts style of the house. I love extensions and conversions that enhance rather than fight or, even worse, pastiche the design of the original. Finally, who can resist a secret chamber? The bookcase in the guest room moves forward to reveal a concealed room which can be used as a study. It’s a contemporary spin on the old secret door concealed in the bookcase – I love it!" - Egon Walesch

Deborah Law, Director at Deborah Law Interiors

"Windows, windows everywhere! That’s the key to a successful loft conversion – making it look like it could be a room on any other level of your house. Vertical, horizontal, slanted – it doesn’t matter. Fill that space with natural light and don’t forget mirrors – bedroom or not." - Deborah Law

Kerry Hussain, Interior Blogger

"If your loft is big enough, why not create a luxurious master suite? Keep the colour scheme to a palette of warm neutrals and add lots of texture. Tactile materials such as wood and faux fur will create a cosy feel. Pile the bed high with sumptuous cushions and throws and, for the ultimate in boutique hotel chic, a freestanding bath is a must!" - Kerry Hussain

Karen Knox, Interior Designer

"Don’t underestimate the value of light and importance of choosing the right windows for your space. If you’re planning a loft extension, consider something a little different to the traditional “UPVC rectangle” window with a radiator underneath. Really accentuate your view by using as much glass as possible." - Karen Knox

Liselle Milner, Interior Designer

"The key point to a successful loft conversion is getting enough natural light into the space. Not only does installing plenty of windows give you abundant amounts of vitamin D, but it will also give you access to the best views your home has to offer, along with romantic nights under the light of the stars." - Liselle Milner

Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Reyne Design

Briony Reyne, Interior Designer

"My own home office is a converted attic, which I love for so many reasons. The space works really hard as my design office, spare bedroom, and extensive secret storage. It also offers fantastic views over the countryside and is an inspirational place to work. I am currently working on the conversion of an attic in a beautiful Edwardian home. Again, this space is hard working, providing a luxurious en-suite bathroom, spare bedroom, and fabulous reading area overlooking the garden. Attic spaces should embrace the quirks of eaves and exploit the opportunity the height gives them by optimising views." - Briony Reyne

Image courtesy of Armstrong Keyworth

Dean Keyworth, Interior Designer

"This loft conversion bedroom in a Chelsea townhouse had a dual brief – to create a restful haven at the top of the house and make the most of the (oblique) Thames view. We used a lot of wool on the padded headboard wall, in the upholstered panel wardrobe doors, for the bed valance and even on the roller blinds. This window treatment provided maximum light and river view access during the day, but cosy blackout at night. The tartan on the headboard wall and the rugged coastline painting are a nod to the owner’s Scottish roots." - Dean Keyworth

Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Create Perfect

Gina Everett, Interior Designer

"When designing this master suite, we used simple well-textured fabrics and a light Scandinavian colour palette to keep it bright – but the most important thing to remember with any loft room is to think outside the box when it comes to storage. Customised storage will help you maximise loft space without feeling cluttered." - Gina Everett

Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Newman Zieglmeier

Colin McDermott, Culture South West

"Loft bedrooms, for me, can be a luxury space added to your home or a cold forgotten room. To make the most of these potentially exciting spaces, I believe the most important aspect of the room is the windows. Make the most of being high up and if possible include a window at the gable end as well as skylights. A room where you can see the stars at night, hear the pitter-patter of rain on the skylight, and watch the world go by all from the comfort of your bed, is what relaxing in bed is all about." - Colin McDermott

Charlotte Abrahams, Design Writer

"The best loft conversions make the most of the key attributes of an attic space – height and a den-like vibe. Install a generous window positioned so you can see the view from your bed and when it comes to interior décor, think tree house." - Charlotte Abrahams Charlotte is the author of Hygge, a Celebration of Simple Pleasures. Living the Danish Way (Trapeze)

Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Burlanes Interiors

Lindsey Durrant, Interior Designer

"Attic bedrooms are often a challenge when it comes to storage; beams, sloped walls and a range of ceiling heights. I love the use of a variety of smart storage solutions in this open attic space in this beautiful converted barn in the heart of the Kent countryside. Super-efficient, freestanding wardrobes, carefully thought-out shelf arrangements, drawers and rails give this bright and airy room a sense of character, whilst ensuring that the owners are able to use the full volume of their bedroom. The skylights flood the room with natural light, complemented perfectly by the clean and muted colour palette, creating a lovely, serene sanctuary." - Lindsey Durrant

Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Penelope Allen Design
Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Penelope Allen Design

Penelope Allen, Interior Designer

"The main inspiration of this design was to transform a loft conversion into a master bedroom while interpreting a contemporary and luxurious atmosphere. We were inspired to design a loft bedroom space that consisted of layers of textures while combining these with a variation of palette colours. We finalised the design by covering the clad beams with leather in order to use them as a feature rather than a health and safety issue." - Penelope Allen

Victoria Beddoes, Interior Blogger

"Use light to create atmosphere and define loft bedroom spaces with style. The open-plan nature of loft conversions is an interior-lover’s beloved blank canvas. Creating focal points within the space, using a combination of well-placed windows, ceiling lighting and lamps, is the perfect solution to adding atmosphere whilst defining the functions of the space. Better still, you avoid physically cutting into the layout to maximise on your newly acquired square footage. Festoon lighting strung artfully across walls and vaulted ceiling beams are a simple, Instagram-ready bedroom lighting feature. Add sharp definition by keeping walls matte to add a contemporary feel that limits each zone’s light for a dramatic result." - Victoria Beddoes

Cassie Fairy, Interior Blogger

"Adding plenty of storage is a great way to get the most from your loft conversion. Traditionally, the attic is a handy dumping ground for boxes of memorabilia and Christmas decorations, so changing its use into a functional room will leave you with less storage space in the home. It’s therefore a good idea to build in some practical storage solutions in order to keep your home tidy and organised." - Cassie Fairy

Verity Coleman, Interior Designer

"This room has been designed by Ben Penreath and I love it! It’s the combination of keeping the room light and airy, but not plain and minimalist that I really like. The white ceiling and white panelling on the wall maximises the room space of the loft (which is always going to be at a premium), but I love the use of dark furniture and a textured darker flooring which gives the room some interest and stops it being a white box. The use of one chest of drawers in the middle of both beds works brilliantly. It centres the room, as well as being practical, without having to squeeze in two tiny tables. The bold matching prints for the bed and the quirky map print on the wall bring the whole look together to create a modern country style – even in a limited space." - Verity Coleman

Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Diego Correa

Diego Correa, Interior Designer

"Lofts are unique spaces in their own right and as such they need to be treated in a special way. Usually, they are rooms of small proportions and complicated angles, so it’s important to make use of that feature. Emphasise the sense of enclosure by transforming the claustrophobic-proportions to a cocoon-like feeling: embracing, charming and cosy. Use light colours, take advantage of the angles by creating bespoke units with interesting shapes, and dare to use wall coverings that you would not normally use in other rooms." - Diego Correa

Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Gabriel Holland

Gabriel Holland, Interior Designer

"A soft palette of grey painted walls and beams, mixed with luxury white bedlinen and a pale carpet creates a light, spacious feeling in this dreamy loft bedroom. The panelled wall and ceiling add texture, whilst the white lighting, blind and table contrast beautifully with the upholstered headboard and cushions. Through the windows, we view the trees and sky beyond – a truly restful space." - Gabriel Holland

Elena Jackson, Interior Designer

"Interior design can be compared to going to the hairdresser with an image of a celebrity haircut and expecting to look exactly the same. Similarly, when creating a space, from the very beginning of the project there must be a clear understanding of factors like the height available, structural features, and natural light. It’s easy to get fixated on a look or style and attempt to cram it all into the space available. In this loft bedroom, each piece of furniture maximises the height available; the bed is close to the floor, the chairs have very short legs and the unit on the left is low enough to allow space for a small TV – perfect choices for a low ceiling space."

Loft Bedroom
Image courtesy of Damian Russell

Rebecca James, Interior Designer

"Although technically not a residential space, the bedroom in the apartment at The Connaught Hotel designed by David Collins Studio is my favourite loft bedroom. I love the timeless and elegant design and the clever use of space. Loft bedrooms are often difficult to design due to the low, sloping ceilings and awkward angles. I believe the best way to design rooms like these, is to embrace the unusual shapes. Built in storage units should follow the shape of walls and the height of the beds should be relative to the ceiling height i.e. low ceilings should have low beds and headboards. If the room has a higher ceiling, then you can make a feature of it, like the Connaught canopy bed." - Rebecca James

From minimal spaces to rooms with a view, we hope we’ve filled you with all the inspiration you need for practical, stylish interiors that’ll help you make the most out of your loft conversion bedroom.