Aug 2, 2019

Luxury living room

When it comes to popular living room ideas of the moment, we’ve got plenty. It’s the room we relax in after a long day at work, entertain in at the weekends and binge watch the latest box sets in in the evenings, so your living room’s design should be carefully thought out to reflect your own impeccable interior style and how you want to enjoy it. If you’re looking to update your lounge you’ve probably been bombarded with the latest trends, but which ones will stand the test of time and leave your living room looking fresh for years to come? From the coolest colour trends, to much-loved classics or latest contemporary styles, we’ve rounded up the best living room decor ideas we think have real staying power…

1. Gray Living Room

Gray and copper living room
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Ah grey, you’re still our favourite neutral despite beige making a comeback. Light or dark, warm or cool, you can find a grey to suit any taste and it’s one of the easiest colours to style in any room in the home. Decide whether you want a light and airy grey living room decor or deep and dramatic, then look for paint and furnishings in varying tones of the same shade. Either keep it monochrome or inject some colour. Pastels make light greys pop, whilst darker greys are brought to life with bold accents and all greys can benefits from a hint of metallics.

Modern living room

2. Modern Living Room

As you can see in the image, modern living room design and minimalism goes hand in hand. The clean, sharp lines of modern furniture and accessories look their best in a pared back setting so use a less is more mentality when choosing new pieces. A black and white scheme with a subtle splash of accent colour highlights the sleek sophistication of this style even more.

Blue living room
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3. Blue Living Room

Another popular colour choice of the moment which is going nowhere fast is the blue living room. From navy to teal, rich, inky blues are enjoying their time in the limelight and we can’t get enough of them for the lounge. An excellent wall colour as you can see from above, it’s a vibrant yet versatile colour that certainly plays well with others. Keep it simple by pairing it with whites and greys or be more daring by adding mustard yellow, blush pink or subtle multicolours.

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4. Floral Living Room

Floral living room
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Not everyone’s a fan of florals, but if you are, floral living room decor should be at the top of your choices. Not only in soft pastel hues anymore, dark, moody florals are becoming increasingly popular and will make sure your living room looks fresh for every season, not just for spring and summer.

Luxury neutral living room

5. Luxury Living Room

Who’s longing for a luxurious lounge? Luxury living room decor ideas normally have two things in common, plush textures and shining metallics. We love the opulently curved velvet sofa in the image above, which paired with jewel-toned accessories and gleaming brass and gold creates a look straight out of some of the world’s finest hotels.

Pink living room
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6. Pink Living Room

Blush, millennial, bubble gum, rose gold. You’ve probably heard of more than a few of the pink colour trends that have taken the world by storm over the last few years and it’s now official. Pink has had a glamorous grown-up update and it’s here to stay. This pink living room combines both deep and pastel pinks on a neutral background and we can’t get enough of it.

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7. White Living Room

White Living Room
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If the colour trends we’ve mentioned already are a bit too much for your tastes then all-white living room decor might before the option for you. Crisp, clean and ever-so-effortless, fresh white interiors will never go out of style. Finish your white living room with striking wall art and a splash of green foliage to really make it stand out.

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Rustic country living room

8. Rustic Living Room

Rustic or country living rooms are relaxed havens to help you escape from the world outside. Simple and charming, they are reminiscent of an English country home filled with traditional yet cosy fabrics like tartans and chunky knits. We love this light and airy take on country style which brings a touch of the classic country garden to the room too.

Industrial living room

9. Industrial Living Room

We all dream of living in a New York loft don’t we? Or is that just us? Laidback and undeniably cool, for industrial living rooms think exposed raw materials like brick, concrete and wood softened with plump sofas and cushions and textured rugs. This living room’s tan leather sofa complements the exposed brick wall to great effect and it brings a dash of vibrant colour to the sharp black lines.

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10. Boho Living Room

Bohemian living room
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Are you dreaming of the bohemian? Boho chic has been an enduring style in recent years and this fun, eclectic look will make you smile every time you step into the room. With soft textures, on-trend macramé details and a soothing colour palette, the room above is a fabulous example of the style and the hammock chair is a must for any bohemian living room.

Scandinavian living room

11. Scandinavian Living Room

Cool and calming, Scandinavian design is the first choice for many in their homes. You can’t go wrong with a Scandi living room as this style can be as formal or as relaxed as you like. The room above has a soothing neutral palette and simple furnishings with tactile accessories that makes it look beautifully laidback but still oozing sophistication.

12. Green Living Room
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12. Green Living Room

Green living room ideas tend to take on either a glamorous, regal edge or a luscious, natural feel. Whether you are looking for a dash of decadence or a leafy paradise for your lounge, green is one of the most popular styles of the moment. We love how the gold touches in this lounge gives the green an opulent feel but we are equally fans of the natural side of the color too.

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13. Cozy Living Room

Cozy living room

To an extent every living room that sees a lot of use should have cozy elements, but this style is for those that want their lounge to be cozy before anything else. Think thick and fluffy textures, a fireplace to have roaring fires in winter and a super comfy sofa to sink into at the end of each day.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room
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14. Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid-Century Modern in an enduring style loved by many and thanks to the eye-catching furniture of the time it’s perfect for the living room. If you’re lucky enough to own genuine Mid-Century Modern furniture you’re already half way there, if not, countless brands are taking inspiration from the design-led era and are creating items reminiscent of this iconic style. Think block colors, bare woods and statement shapes.

Coastal living room

15. Coastal Living Room

Bright and breezy, coastal interiors have the power to transport you straight to the beach. Easy to overdo however, it’s best to stick to a light palette then add subtle coastal touches so to not go overboard. A classic combination of cool blues and white like the living room above always give us coastal vibes.

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