Apr 20, 2021

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If you’re looking for a designer or high-end coffee table to add the perfect finish to your living space, then there are lots of options to choose from. Whether you want a contemporary invisible table or something simple and stylish, here are five different types of designer coffee tables that you can find to be the centerpiece of your lounge.

Lyon Beton

A Table with Multiple Parts

If you’re searching for a coffee table that’s unique and contemporary but also has plenty of flexible space to add magazines, photographs or other bits and bobs, then a table with multiple parts is an ideal option.

Coffee table sets are probably the most common type of multi-level coffee tables. Many may think that they’re old-fashioned - think carved wooden nesting tables - but these multipurpose pieces are really handy if you’ve got a small yet busy living space that needs the flexibility of tables that can be moved around. Plus, when you no longer need them, you can stack them in a corner out of the way.

If you’d prefer a smaller, circular coffee table, a turning table might be the best coffee table for you. When closed, you can hide remotes and coasters inside the table. When open, the top part becomes another table and you can effectively double your side surfaces quickly and easily for parties or big gatherings without taking up too much space.

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Square and Rectangular Tables

From black and square to wooden and rectangular, angular coffee tables are the most common types of designer coffee tables that you can find. The most popular are long and low, perfect for reaching for your cup or glass from a sofa or chair. Others are higher, making them an ideal extra sideboard.

Often the central feature of the room, a rectangular coffee table can make a statement with a material and design that contrasts with the rest of the room, or even be completely invisible, depending on your taste and style.


Circular Tables

For coffee tables that take up less space or are safer for family living rooms, then a higher, circular design gives you all the surface and storage you need.

Also available in low, oval shapes, they can sometimes come with an adjustable height function and can be made a feature all of their own with a contemporary lamp, an indoor plant or even some family photos.


Tables with Storage

As well as being a stylish choice, multi-level coffee tables offer you plenty of storage space to keep everything tidy in your living space. Often long and low to the ground, they have a bottom shelf which can be used to store magazines and books, whilst coffee cups or drinks glasses can be rested on the top. Available in a range of materials, including wood and metal, they make a stunning and useful living room feature.

If you need some extra storage space in your living room, then choosing a trunk coffee table will give you plenty of room to store toys, coloring books or even pillows in between playtime. Plus, their colorful, lockable design adds a style statement to any space.

Lyon Beton
Tom Dixon

Contemporary Designs

If you’re really looking to make a statement in your living space, then a designer coffee table is a great opportunity to add a functional and stylish finish. For a piece that’s both simple and useful, then a combination of the circular and rectangular designs make these types of coffee tables handy for putting at the end of your sofa or beside your chair.

For a cool and alternative piece that can also be used for storage, a panier table is both contemporary and functional, making it the perfect option for any indoor or outdoor living space. Also modern and transparent, cubic glass coffee tables can make a statement on their own or when stacked with other low, solid pieces to make a large and stylish sideboard.

Whatever the style or decor of your living space, your coffee table is a useful centerpiece that adds both functionality and a fashionable finish to your lounge.