Conservatory Decor Ideas

Jul 29, 2019

Conservatory with table
Image courtesy of Monkey Business / Adobe Stock

A brilliant way to add space to your home, a conservatory can be used in a number of ways. From entertaining guests when then English summer weather fails to deliver, to creating the perfect environment for growing plants, this multifunctional room can become a real asset to your home.

But, when was the last time you thought about your conservatory decor? Just like all interiors, those in the conservatory require a little TLC every now and then. We consulted a selection of interior experts to find out their top tips for creating a fabulously designed conservatory.

Whether you use your conservatory for dining with the family, relaxing in a sunlit space or as a storage room full of boxes, our selection of conservatory ideas will inspire you to dust away those cobwebs and update your conservatory decor.

Wooden beams in conservatory with blue sofa
Image courtesy of Gavin Woodford

Gavin Woodford, Interior Designer

With a breakfast bar, informal lounge area and central focal feature fire pit in the enclosed courtyard garden, this space in the heart of the home encourages connection, inviting the family to sit, eat and share together.

Blue sofa in conservatory
Image courtesy of Katie Malik

Katie Malik, Interior Designer

This conservatory is joined with a beautiful shabby chic kitchen, so it was important there was a colour scheme, feel, and look continuity. The space is mainly used for chilling out, reading books and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. To achieve that flow we used the same natural limestone floor, reupholstered sofa in a soft blue fabric and threw some scattered cushions that tie in with the existing colour scheme in the kitchen. We also ensured we specified a rug in the coordinate colour. Alongside this, we used the same scarab fabric that was used to make a curtain in the kitchen, to make blackout roman blinds for the conservatory windows. One important element was a traditional-style radiator with daisies which was painted in French grey colour from Farrow & Ball palette. Lanterns and a few favourite objects complement the shabby chic style.

Room with glass ceiling and beige furniture
Image courtesy of Kia Stanford

Kia Stanford, Interior Designer

Bringing the outside in can often be a challenge with UK properties, but with glass extensions such as this one you really can call it a sunroom. The glass beams allow for a completely open feel to the back of this grade II listed property. I adore how subtle all the colours are and the Italian low line sofa makes the room seem even taller than it is – gorgeous.

White conservatory with bifold doors
Image courtesy of Origin Global

Paul Langston, Interior Designer

A conservatory can be a big financial investment and will likely have a significant impact on the feel and use of an existing home – so it pays to spend some time on answering a few key questions before the build. I’ve seen many conservatories created as separate rooms and never be used, so it is wise to think carefully about how the space will be used before it is built. For example, are you looking to create a separate living/seating space, expand an existing zone or combine areas such as living and dining? In recent years, the traditional model of a conservatory has been challenged. For example, it no longer needs to have a majority glazed roof. In fact, a glass roof can often be problematic in terms of keeping the heat out in the summer and holding onto warmth in the winter. Privacy issues can be overcome with blinds, but these can also be expensive and over-complicated. A solid roof can create continuity from the main house into your extended area. It also creates a surface for hiding essentials such as cabling, lighting, air con etc. For added light, introduce roof lights, as shown in this image.

Restaurant in conservatory
Image courtesy of The Pig Hotel

Janine Loucaides, Interior Blogger

Create an effortlessly charming setting in your conservatory by exploiting the natural light flooding through and views of the great outdoors. Source a combination of old and new furnishings to build an eclectic space. Hunt for a vintage timber dining table set; upholster the seat pads in rustic linen fabrics. Add industrial metal pendants, combined with retro LED bulbs. Handmade multi-coloured encaustic tiles will add vibrancy to the floor. Bring the outside in with rows of potted herbs in reclaimed terracotta ceramics and watering cans overflowing with plants. Dress the table with coloured glassware, hemp linens and church pillar candles. All that’s left is to nestle in with a coffee and the morning’s newspaper in your tranquil sun room.

Neutral room with pink and yellow pillows
Image courtesy of Gulcin White

Gulcin White, Interior Designer

Our English conservatories have evolved over the years to become slick and smartly designed additions to our homes. They are not only sunny, bright rooms but also a place for all of us to socialise, have dinner parties and entertain. Studio G has not only created country style relaxed conservatories but also modern, with a touch of an industrial look. We love our French doors and roof lights that give us an abundance of light and colour and helps us to bring the outside, inside. These rooms make us happy and are extremely inviting – especially when the sun shines!