Out Of The Blue: Our New Color Crush

blue bedroom
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If you think about it, blue is the perfect hue for our homes. Whether it’s because of the sea or the sky, it’s tranquil effect works wonders on our moods and it effortlessly complements and contrasts a range of shades. Blue casts its net wide and falls into a wide spectrum of hues, from the icy and dusky to the electric, royal and deep ink. Whatever shade you decide to tango with, there’s a way to make it work. Here’s some blue room ideas that you’ll want to dive straight into….

navy living room
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In The Deep End

If you’re keen to dive into the dark side and drown your walls in inky midnight shades there’s a few things to consider first. How much natural lights comes into your space? If you’ve got high ceilings or tall windows, you can dive in as deep as you like, but if space is a little more limited you’ll fare much better sticking to lighter, brighter tones. So keep that in mind when you’re choosing how dark to go. You shouldn’t be afraid of the dark either, these moody blues create a sense of luxe especially when combined with shiny accents. So get the golden touch with metallic accessories, they’ll catch light and shine where you need them to most.

blue and natural bedroom
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Blue Sky Thinking

If you not fully committed to the dark side, try brightening up with perkier pops of blue. An instant way to transport your space to a balmy Greek island, cool blues are deeply invigorating, refreshingly laid-back and something you’ll never tire of. Try pairing with natural accessories such as rattan, linen and wood for a grown-up beachy look. Having the blues has never looked so good.

blue velvet sofa
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Double Denim

white and blue bedroom

Cool Contrasts

Blue & white are a match made in colour heaven. Bright, breezy and timeless, this combination is a treat for our senses. Whether you pair crisp white with deep navy, powder blue or ultra-marine for a French Riviera inspired look, this union is a look we can’t get enough of.

leaf print bedroom

Terrific Teals

If diving straight into the deep blue feels a bit overwhelming for you try adding some teal to your scheme. The perfect blend of earth & sea, this refreshing shade is ideal for brightening up dark corners and pepping up forgotten spaces. Try softening moody blue shades with pops of teal and clashing with yellow for a modern look.