Growing Up in Style: Tips for Transitioning From Child to Teen Bedroom Decor

Aug 19, 2022

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Updating your not so little one’s bedroom as they get older is an exciting but often sad time. You’re saying goodbye to the childhood room that you painstakingly decorated and making way for their own creative expression. Updating the space from a child’s to teenager’s bedroom takes careful consideration especially if you’re a design enthusiast yourself. If you’re not sure on how to tackle the project we have some top tips on transitioning from child to teen bedroom decor to get you started…

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Make it a Collaboration

If, like us, you spend a great deal of time and energy curating your dream home then letting go of the design of one of the rooms in that home can be tough. But one of the key differences between decorating your children’s bedroom and your teenager’s is chances are they are going to have a lot more to say on the matter. This is a space that needs to feel like theirs so make sure you have them on-board for the designing process, go through ideas together and come up with a plan that works for all of you.

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Don’t Get Rid of All the Old

When thinking about how to update their bedroom it can be tempting to remove everything from their childhood room and start afresh, and they might be calling for this too. But is there anything you can repurpose and give a new lease of life? Whether a favourite old toy, an ornament or blanket, these be turned into a new design feature that will not only add personalisation to your teenager’s bedroom but bring them comfort as they get older too.

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Embrace Color

Teenagers’ bedrooms are the ultimate rooms to embrace colour. Even if the rest of your home is naturally neutral, let the colour creep into this space. Bright walls or bold accent colours will give the room a fun, fresh and energising feel, but sadly we can’t guarantee it will make it any easier to get them up in the mornings!

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Get Creative

This is the room to really let yours and your teenager’s creativity go wild. What are their interests and hobbies? Can you incorporate these into the room? These hobbies will probably have changed as they’ve gotten older so add their new favourite things into the design from subtle sports motifs to music memorabilia.

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Give them the Space they Need

Whilst first and foremost, their bedroom is for sleeping in so the bed is of course one of the most important aspects of teen bedroom decor, the room also has to be ready for their other needs too. With school work ramping up as they get older, creating them their own desk space if you have the room is a must. If they love reading why not incorporate a reading nook? Or if they’re arty, an art station filled with supplies?

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Make Space for Socializing Too

As they get older you won’t have to organize their playdates but chances are they’re always going to want friends round. When they’re teenagers though it’s unlikely they’ll want to hang around downstairs under the watchful eyes of parents and annoying siblings so make sure there’s some space for socializing in their bedrooms. Extra seating in the form of comfy chairs or bean bags are great for guests and if they have lots of friends always sleeping over you could add an extra bed to the room whether it be with bunk beds, or more practical futons or pull out beds which can double up as additional seating in the day.

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