Discover Locherber Milano: Luxurious Italian Artisanal Fragrance

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Born in Milan, Locherber Milano is a luxury lifestyle and fragrance brand with a commitment to keeping Italian artisanal talent and craftsmanship alive. Priding itself on being completely authentic and “100% made in Italy” all the components and ingredients found in Locherber Milano products have been sourced from within 100km radius of the company’s birthplace, Milan. AMARA finds out more…

Hand crafted woodwork
Locherber Milano

Italian design and craftsmanship

After years of research and trial and error to find the right craftsmen, perfumers and suppliers to produce the meticulously designed product range, Locherber Milano unearthed age old Italian artisanal techniques seldom found in today’s fast moving consumer driven world. Ensuring that nothing has been left to chance, from the glass of the hand-painted bottles to the labels made of jacquard fabric, each finished bottle is unique and precious.

 Locherber Milano glass
Locherber Milano

Using uniquely Italian artisanal techniques, the best glass makers in Venice were sourced to design and craft the glass vessels used in the collection. The brand’s perfume blenders visited all corners of the earth to find the world’s best natural scents, and with Italy’s history of expert perfume blending, it was no surprise what emerged. From the spicy Habana Tobacco fragrance collection, to Malabar Pepper, bold Baltic Amber, intoxicating Azad Kashmere and many more; Locherber Milano has created an unsurpassed inspired scented journey.

Wood craftsmanship

Locherber Milano proudly offers a product that not only creates unsurpassed luxury in the way people live, but one that also elevates its customers’ emotional state of mind, providing them with a sensory luxury experience like no other.

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Locherber Milano Venetiae Collection
Locherber Milano

The Venetiae Collection

The Venetiae collection features salvaged “dolphins”, oak wood (or sometimes larch) poles which mark the shipping lanes of the Venetian lagoon and provide important information to seafarers. Approximately every twenty years the “dolphins” need to be replaced after they have been corroded by a shipworm (the Teredo Navalis), which tunnels into the wood.

A fragrance featuring citrus head notes of bergamot and lemon, floral and Mediterranean heart notes of lavender, myrtle and seaweed, and base notes of wood and musk. As fresh as the sea breeze, as sensual as the oriental spices which the Venetian merchants brought to Europe, Venetiae tells of the magic of a unique city and its fascinating history.

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