Cooking Inspiration: Tools to be More Creative in the Kitchen

Apr 17, 2020

Tray of freshly baked pastries
Emile Henry

There’s never been more of an excuse to flex your skills in the kitchen, so now’s your chance to get in there and try something new, or fall in love with your favorite recipes again. If you’re looking for cooking inspiration, we have a host of both essential and some more unusual tools to help you get more creative with your culinary adventures. Here’s our top types of dishes we’re whipping up at the moment and tools you’ll need to get started…

Bread Making

bread making clouche
Emile Henry

From crusty rolls and baguettes to fluffy loaves there’s nothing like the smell of freshly baking bread in the morning. Not only will bread baking keep you occupied in the home, one whiff of the baking dough will lift your mood too. Bread bakers and cloches recreate the same environment as traditional bread ovens so you can get evenly baked bread at home.

Sweet Treats & Pastries

freshly baked Chelsea buns

You may well already be adept at cake making, so why not branch out to other sweet favorites like tarts and pastries? Tart dishes are usually ornately shaped to give your creations some flair and they also often look good enough to be served in the dish straight to the table. These dishes are also designed to bake your pastry to perfection so you avoid that dreaded soggy bottom.

Curries & Casseroles

Tagine pot curry
Emile Henry

We all need some warming comfort food from time to time so why not spend the extra time at home whipping up some hearty curries and casseroles? Casserole dishes are essentials for any kitchen with many suitable to go straight from the oven or hob to the table top. Tagine pots are fabulous for creating rich stews and curries as the shallow base and conical top create a seal which allows steam to rise to the top, condense and fall back into the dish. This self-basting pot, like a Dutch oven, keeps flavors in the dish and meats sublimely succulent.

Cheese Feasts

Cheese fondue spread

So serving a cheese board might not technically count as developing your cooking skills but with fondues and raclettes heating up the cooking scene in the last few years now’s your chance to get more experimental with your cheeses. You’ll find countless fondue recipes online to give your cheese dip the wow factor and raclettes will help you bring a melted cheese finish to any dish. So they’ll always get our vote as creative cooking essentials.

Chocolate Making

Chocolate making accessories

Is there ever a meal when chocolate isn’t called for in some form or another? No we don’t think so either. So if you find yourself with some spare time why not try your hand at making your own? From raw cacao making sets to bon bon kits, there’s so many fun accessories to help you make your own chocolate snacks. Or if you’d rather just serve your chocolate in style, we have tools for that too.