What’s a half apron called? And 3 other styles you need to know

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With us all finding ourselves with some more time on our hands these days it’s no surprise that the rise in home cooking has gone through the roof. There’s been a reported 21% rise in time spent preparing food and cooking since bars and restaurants began closing, meaning we must be getting pretty good in the kitchen. The more you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, the more you’ll appreciate a good apron, saving your clothes from those splashes, spills and splodges that seem to come from nowhere. We take a look at this humble cooking aid, and the different types you need to know to make sure you have the right one for the recipe ahead…

What is the purpose of wearing an apron?

It might seem obvious to think the purpose of wearing an apron is to protect your clothes, and whilst that is a key reason there are a few more. Hygiene has always been super important in the kitchen, and now more than ever it’s important to protect the meal you are preparing from any germs you’ve picked up on your clothes throughout the day. Aprons are also even more practical when they come with pockets, allowing you to keep tools and utensils on your person which will in turn help to limit mess.

Man wearing apron serving barbecue food

What is a half apron called?

A half apron is also known as a waist apron or severe apron. This type of apron is often used in the hospitality industry, thanks to it’s helpful front pockets and because of it’s short style it allows for easy movement. The waist apron is also a great choice to use in the garden to keep your gardening tools to hand.

What are the different types of aprons?

Half Aprons / Waist Aprons - as mentioned above popular in the hospitality industry and great for gardening.

Bistro Aprons - these aprons are similar to the waist aprons in that they do not cover the upper body. This style is longer than a half apron, and will most likely include pockets making it another popular hospitality choice.

Bib Aprons - probably the most practical and mainstream choice for those looking to use an apron at home. The bib apron is a tradition style apron, with ties around the waist and a neck loop. These aprons are ideal for protecting your clothes in the kitchen, and as mentioned protecting your food from germs on your clothes.

Butchers stripe aprons in different colors

4-Way Aprons - this style is super practical thanks to its four layers. It means they can be worn for longer periods of time, as each time a layer gets a spill it can be switched to the next clean surface. Ideal for those in the catering industry, 4-way aprons are a great option for the messy at-home cook too.

Cobbler Aprons - sometimes called smock aprons, this style offers both front and back coverage and are a great option for general housekeeping. Usually cobbler aprons are tied at the side, making them adjustable for a loose or tighter fit.

These are just some of the more popular types of apron but there are plenty more styles available. Take a look at our full range for a great selection of aprons to keep your clothes safe and the kitchen hygienic. From designer style aprons to leather barbecue aprons, we have lots to choose from so you can find the best style to suit your needs.