How to Choose the Right Vase for Your Flowers

Vases on a side table

A beautiful display of flowers is the perfect way to refresh a living space and make a welcoming impression on guests. However, with so many styles on offer it can be difficult to choose a style to suit your needs. Our vase buying guide will help you ensure you purchase the perfect vase for your favorite blooms.

Vase shapes

Bottle neck

With a narrow neck that will securely support stems and branches (and prevent them from flopping to one side), bottle neck vases are best paired with thin stems and do not need much filling to make a statement. Perfect for grouping together on windowsills, side tables or shelves, larger sizes also make great statement pieces on their own.

Best for: magnolias, lilies, hydrangeas, blossom or branches such as pussy willow and eucalyptus.


Wonderful conversation pieces, centerpieces are perfect for filling with an array of items and also make a chic finishing touch to any table setting. Fill with your favorite blooms, stems or even objects to create a memorable centerpiece at a dinner party, wedding or other special occasions.

Best for: just about anything!

Vases on a side table


A classic and versatile shape that can be filled generously with an array of flowers. With its short but large surface area, a cube vase is ideal for pairing with shorter stems or flowers with large heads to make a real impact. Alternatively, fill with succulents and gravel to create your own terrarium.

Best for: succulents, hydrangeas, lilies, roses or tulips cut to size.


A show-stopping accessory that can be placed anywhere around the home, decorative vases come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. A piece that is a statement in its own right, a decorative vase will look just as good empty as when it’s filled with flowers. In terms of design, the more out there the better!

Best for: simple arrangements of your favorite flowers to complement the design.

Bohemian vases


The most classic of all the shapes that really lets your flowers do the talking. Flared vases mirror the natural shape of flowers and are easy to fill with ready-made bouquets. If you’re a budding florist perhaps create your own bouquet using your favorite blossoms and sprays.

Best for: lilies, long stem roses, tulips, beautiful bouquets.


Elegant and elevated, this vase is finished with a footed base and makes a great centerpiece. Usually tall in shape, footed vases are ideal for longer stems.

Best for: lilies, delphiniums, gladioli, sunflowers.

Decorative vases in a dark room


Rustic, refreshing and relaxed. For flowers that look like they've just been picked from the garden. Choose a pale-colored pitcher and allow the blooms to billow over the rim. With anything truly rustic, there’s no perfect bouquet to fill a pitcher vase with, the more imperfect the better.

Best for: flowers that look freshly picked from the garden, bouquets.


Simple but effective. A fish bowl shape of a round vase may not be suitable for all flowers, but packs a real punch when paired correctly. Fill with tightly grouped blooms and cut to the height of the vase so they stand proud and create a domed effect.

Best for: tulips, peonies, roses and hydrangeas.

How to Arrange Flowers in a Vase: Quick Tips

  • The general rule is that flowers should be no more than twice the height of the vase
  • Vary the height of the stems to add depth
  • Keep the variety quite focused - four types of flower works well
  • Use twine on the stems to create visual interest in taller vases
  • Vary the flower types for texture
  • Always buy flowers with stems much longer than you need