Pillow Talk: Are Memory Foam Pillows the Best?

Mar 29, 2021

There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep, one where you wake up feeling rested and refreshed. From a nice firm mattress to luxuriously soft sheets, choosing the right bedding is important for ensuring you get the ultimate relaxation. But what pillow should you go for? Is memory foam really better? And once you’ve found the perfect pillow, what pillowcase should you top it off with?

Memory foam pillow on bed
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Is a Memory Foam Pillow Better?

When it comes to types of pillows, there’s some debate about which is the best. Memory foam pillows - sometimes called contoured pillows - are crafted from viscoelastic foam, which softens when heat and pressure are applied. That means the pillow molds to your shape when you lie down, helping to support your neck as you sleep. Although it returns to its normal shape when you get up, the foam ‘remembers’ the shape of your neck, head and shoulders over time so you can find your perfect sleeping position night after night.

One big benefit of memory foam pillows is the relief they offer to sufferers of sleep apnea and snoring. They keep your neck raised helping to keep your airways clear and allowing you to breathe more easily. Another key reason for choosing memory foam is for the support, it’s a great pillow for neck pain.

Women sleeping in bed
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Are Memory Foam Pillows Good for your Neck?

It’s recommended that you sleep with your spine aligned in a neutral position - that is, with your head positioned in the same way when you’re lying down as it would be when you’re standing up. Good spine alignment can reduce neck pain, as well as minimizing aches and pains in your back and shoulders.

Because memory foam holds its shape and provides a high level of support, it can be a good choice for those who suffer from pain in their neck and shoulders. It supports the natural curve of the cervical spine in your neck and relieves any pain on pressure points by distributing your weight evenly.

Choosing a pillow is a personal choice, but if you experience head and neck pain, memory foam is worth the investment. There are different types that will work better for you depending on whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper.

Silk Pillowcases
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What does a Silk Pillowcase do?

An incredible pillow deserves a beautiful pillowcase. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can work wonders for your hair and skin. Silk is well-known for its super-smooth texture, meaning your hair will simply glide over it in the night. You’ll wake up with hair that’s tangle-free and less frizzy - meaning you can spend less time styling it in the morning and more time in bed. Cotton pillowcases, on the other hand, can cause friction as you toss and turn in the night, making silk a better choice for those with frizz-prone hair.

The soft texture of silk pillowcases is good for your skin as well as your hair. The smooth surface can reduce the impact of friction from moving around in your sleep - and whilst it won’t magically reduce wrinkles, it can certainly help to smooth out the appearance of your skin. Silk is also less likely to suck up moisture from your skin, keeping it hydrated - again, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It’s a good choice for anyone with dry skin.

On top of the benefits for your skin and hair is the simple fact that it feels amazing to sleep on silk. Soft and luxurious, it feels like a real treat going to bed every night when you have a silk pillowcase.

Is Silk or Satin Better for your Hair?

Should you go for a silk or satin pillowcase? Whilst satin might not be as silky smooth as the real deal, it does still have its benefits. It’s machine washable, making it far easier to care for than silk pillowcases, which tend to be hand wash or dry clean only. When it comes down to the choice between satin and silk, though, it’s ultimately down to personal preference. They offer many of the same benefits in terms of skin and hair health.

Ultimately whatever type of pillow and pillowcase you choose comes down to what works best for you and helps you to get the best night’s sleep. Find long-lasting comfort with pillows that are designed to provide you with everything you need whilst you sleep.