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If the display is not showing correctly the functions need to be reset. This is for safety to refresh all MCU memory inside. Place the Vera kettle on the power base unit and plug it in. Press the reset button by using a part of a metal clip or toothpick for 5 seconds. The display will be back to the original settings and all pre-set settings (clock, timer and temperature) will be lost.


To get the best performance from your kettle, it must be used with care and cleaned regularly by adhering to the following instructions:


Scale or calcium is a natural substance that forms when hard water is boiled. The filter serves to retain the calcium in the water kettle. It is important to clean the filter regularly. The filter clips into the spout and can be removed by pulling it up from the spout. Clean by gently brushing with a soft brush and running water.


Decalcification refers to removing the calcium deposits which may form in the interior metal parts of the kettle. To get the best performance from your Vera kettle, decalcify your unit once a month. We suggest the use of a natural white vinegar in order to dissolve these chalky deposits or lime build up.

If the Vera kettle develops faults or defects or if irregularities are suspected, unplug it immediately. Before contacting our customer service team, please follow the Troubleshooting guide found in your Bugatti Owner’s Guide.