Reed Diffusers & Refills

Infuse your home with enticing luxury fragrance with our selection of reed diffusers. A subtle and sophisticated way to envelop
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Reed Diffusers & Refills

One of the most powerful and evocative senses is that of smell, so create your own lasting memories and individual story by filling your home with enticing luxury fragrance.

Designer fragrance diffusers are a sophisticated and subtle way to envelop your home in scent. Whatever the ambience you desire, fragrance can help to achieve the right atmosphere, from mood-boosting to calming, sultry and seductive to bright and breezy.  Straightforward to use, scent diffusers can transform your home, and with a myriad of options available, we guide you through all you need to know about finding the right diffuser and choosing the perfect fragrance for your living space.


Now a fashionable home accessory, fragrance or oil diffusers were once used purely for hygiene purposes, far from the style statement that they are today.

Reed diffusers have been used in Europe as homemade air fresheners for centuries, and were only introduced to the United States and globally as recently as 2000. They offer continual home fragrance, easily controllable by reversing the reeds and refilling the oil with scent diffuser refills.

Catalytic diffusers, otherwise known as oil or fragrance lamps, date back to 1898, when a French pharmacist created the catalytic combustion system to disinfect air in hospitals, in an attempt to lessen the spread of disease. They were also used throughout Europe for air purification purposes. The original catalytic diffusers were made from glass or crystal, but were utilitarian in design. Initially only used commercially, their popularity grew in the 19th century as a luxury household accessory.

In the 1920s designers created aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching bottles for private consumers, and these attractive catalytic diffusers were sold in high class department stores to free wealthy homes of germs and odour.

Style and Design

The fun part is choosing the right diffuser for you; this comes down to personal preference, purpose and style. Add a splash of colour for a vibrant statement in keeping with your colour palette - Mr and Mrs & Abode Aroma offer simple ceramic or glass containers in bold colours as a good example.

True Grace and Baobab offer a range of reed diffusers in clear and coloured glass bottles, while Agraria is the go to brand for feminine and elegant styling. Designer Orla Kiely uses her own distinctive prints decorate her reed diffuser bottles and matching gift sets, a must for her fans and perfect for adding the finishing touch to a room scheme. Now you only have the difficult decision of which of these brands are right for you! 

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