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Embrace unique design with Niki Jones. Mixing old and new, serious and whimsical, functional and decorative, no two Niki Jones
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Niki Jones

Niki Jones embraces this rich world of folk art and hand craft and gives it her own unique contemporary twist by re-invigorating these age-old crafts. Mixing old and new, stylish and quirky, serious and whimsical, functional and decorative, no two items in the Niki Jones collection are quite the same, with each telling its own unique story.

Creative director Niki Jones has a wealth of experience within the areas of textile and industrial design. Niki trained at both the Scottish College of Textiles and the Royal College of Art in London, before working as textile designer and style coordinator at Habitat and eventually moving on to create her own company.

Her collection celebrates the time honoured craft of textiles and aims to keep these skills alive for future generations, creating unique pieces to be cherished as modern day heirlooms. The Niki Jones collection takes inspiration from the global tradition of illustrative story telling. With the world full of such diverse cultures it is interesting to recognise that at the heart of each society there is a fundamental need to decorate and tell stories.

From the shadow puppetry of China and India to the silhouette illustrations of Scandinavian folk tales, to the embroidery of Uzbekistan marriage blankets, Niki Jones embraces different cultures and traditions and turns them into beautiful home accessories for everyone.

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