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Step onto luxury after a shower with our luxury bath mats. Wondrously soft, designer bath mats are available in a range of shapes,
Three different bath mats including a grey fluffy shag, an animal print and a stone inspired rug.
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284 Products

Bath Mats

A must-have for any en-suite or family bathroom, the perfect bath mat should be comfortable, practical and most importantly, fit into your chosen bathroom design. There’s nothing worse than stepping out of a relaxing bath or shower onto cold, wet tiles and a bath mat is the perfect solution to this problem. But with so many styles, shapes and sizes available, finding one that complements your space and bathroom decor can feel overwhelming. Begin by considering three important factors: your colour scheme, the size of your bathroom and also how many people use it on a regular basis.

A simple square bath mat is the perfect solution for a small bathroom or en-suite, particularly one that only has a shower in it. Due to its compact size, it will take up minimal floor space and is the perfect size for stepping onto after a quick shower. If you’re fortunate to have more room to play with, opt for a round or rectangular bath mat. Whatever your preferred choice of shape and size, these bath mats are all available in a range of styles and finishes.


glass vases on table with flowers

round mirror on wallluxury candles on tableartificial flowers in jug and vaseFor ultimate luxury, sink your toes into a bath mat with a deep shaggy pile. Not only will it bring luscious textures to your bathroom, it will also have your feet dry in no time. If practicality is at the top of your list, consider a non-slip bath mat to reduce the risk of falling or slipping on wet tiles. From statement making stripes to timeless plain designs, pick a style that complements your towels for a coordinated finish.

Bath mats get plenty of use every day so it goes without saying that they need to be washed regularly. We often don’t give our bath mats enough time to dry out properly in between uses, so over time they begin to harbour mould and mildew. Washing your bath mat once a week will ensure that your bathroom is at its cleanest and will keep your bath mat fresh and soft for the week ahead. Regular washes will also mean your bath mat is in the best possible condition so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. Most bath mats can be thrown in the washing machine along with your towels but always check the care label first.

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