Pols Potten

Established in 1986 and operating out of a tiny Amsterdam shop, Pols Potten began life exclusively selling imported Mediterranean earthenware, relatively unheard of in the Netherlands at the time. The brand quickly flourished into creating and selling their own wares by partnering with a host of top designers to produce wonderfully eccentric tableware & home accessories. All adorned with vibrant artistic patterns and infused with a unique sense of style and timelessness.

Clearly rooted in Dutch design tradition, all Pols Potten homeware is subtle, innovative & idiosyncratic, not to mention rare. Every piece is handmade in small quantities, with mass production never an option in their idea of home decoration. By supervising both design & production processes and remaining dedicated to finding top artists, designers & producers alike, Pols Potten are able to ensure distinctiveness in every item they create.

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