LSA International is a London-based design studio specializing in contemporary handmade glass. They are a family business built on a culture of understanding: of design and craft, of people and products, and of the world around us.

Janusz Lubkowski co-founded LSA International in 1960s London. In an environment synonymous with cultural change, his belief in a diversity of ideas and a passion for contemporary design ensured the company thrived. Through shared experience and inherited values Monika Lubkowksa-Jonas continues to develop her father’s vision and a culture of understanding that defines the company’s past, present and future.

LSA International design for people with the aim of understanding the purpose and the environment in which products are used. Their approach is guided by the way people live, through a considered  balance of form, function and aesthetic design.

Through the skilled use of hand tools and an understanding of high-quality raw materials, their craftsmen use traditional techniques to transform mouth-blown glass into products of intrinsic value. Considered, handmade products that they care about, products with integrity.