Katie Woods

Dentist, Content Creator and Blogger

Katie lives in Leeds with her four kids, husband, and big, hairy dog. After opening an Instagram account in 2016 to document the transformation of her ‘Arts & Crafts’ home, Katie was surprised by how much it changed her life. What started as snapping a few before and afters, turned into a journey of creativity and opportunity and Katie found an outlet to channel her passion for colour, pattern and a deep-seated need to make a happy home. After fifteen years of little writing (apart from clinical notes), Katie felt incredible picking up a pen again and found that social media became a place where words no longer bounced off her own four walls and reached places she’d never imagined.

Five years on Katie is working on dream collaborations with incredible brands, writing her blog and continues to fill the odd tooth or two.

Website: comedowntothewoods.com

Instagram: @comedowntothewoods

Facebook: facebook.com/comedowntothewoods/

Pinterest: @comedowntothewoods