#IBA21: Voting is OPEN

Empty awards ceremony room

The 2021 AMARA Interior Blog Awards are well underway with voting now open. Voting will run from Tuesday 3rd August to Thursday 9th September, and this is your chance to make sure the interior blogs you can’t live without are in with a chance of making the shortlist this year. There's been no changes to categories or voting this year, however if you need a refresher here's how you can start voting.

How to Vote

To vote simply go to our voting page, read through the general voting rules and take a look at the blogs in each category. Then once you’ve worked out which blogs you want to vote for, go through to that blog's page and click vote now.

This year we have ten categories in which you can vote for the unmissable interior blogs you catch up with every day. We also have three special awards which you can't vote for, Bloggers' Choice, the KLC x AMARA Student Interior Design Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award. The recipients of these top awards will be chosen by the judges to be announced alongside the other categories on the awards evening.

Please bear in mind the general voting rules:

  • You can vote for as many blogs as you like in any category.
  • However, you can only vote for each blog once.
  • We still reserve the right to disqualify any blogs that we have found to publish any offensive or discriminatory material.
  • We closely monitor the votes coming in, if we feel any blog is using unfair means to gain votes we reserve the right to disqualify them.
  • Voting incentives such as voting competitions hosted by blogs to gain votes are not allowed, however any competitions hosted by us are allowed to be advertised by nominated bloggers.
  • The voting stage opens Tuesday 3rd August 2021 and closes Thursday 9th September 2021.

Any Questions?

Check out our FAQs or if you can’t find an answer, you can get in touch with the IBA team at iba@amara.com.