Grillo Designs Talks Favourite DIY Projects & Not Comparing Yourself to Others

Spoon holder wall rack
Grillo Designs

Medina from Grillo Designs is celebrated for her innovating and informative DIY projects and the judges at the 2017 Amara Interior Blog Awards couldn’t get enough of her posts so awarded her the Best DIY & Home Improvement Blog Award. The IBA Blog catches up with Medina to see how she felt about her win and what her favourite DIY project was from last year…

What inspired you to start your blog?

Initially my blog started off as a place for me to share my various crafts, decorating and DIY ideas. At the time, I was working in a very stressful job and I suppose you can say blogging became a way for me to relieve some of that stress. Sort of like a creative outlet – we all need one don’t we? You can imagine my shock, when I realized that people actually wanted to read what I had to say.

Dark bedroom wall
Grillo Designs

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

The best advice I can give to new bloggers is to find your tribe! Find a group of bloggers in your niche that will help and support you on your blogging journey.

Where do you think your blog will take you now?

Oh I haven’t even thought about it that much to be honest. You might be surprised, but I’m still feeling so over whelmed about winning the IBA, I’ve been unable to think about much else.

However I do hope to be able to work with more brands in the future and of course, I want to keep creating content that my readers enjoy.

Kitchen with dark walls
Grillo Designs

What has been your favourite DIY project of the year and how did you go about documenting it for the blog?

My favourite project this year has got to be my wallpapered floor in my entrance. It’s one of those projects that I really enjoyed doing because it was just so easy! And thankfully the end result was more than I could have hoped for. Renters, if you are struck with an unsightly floor that you want to update without breaking the bank (or damaging the property) this is a great temporary solution.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned so far through blogging?

Not to compare myself to other bloggers – which at the start of my journey I found myself doing quite a lot. So and so does this so maybe I should too etc. – you know those kind of thoughts. Comparison I believe is a dangerous cycle that eats away at your confidence and also productivity. I’ve learned to shut out all the outside noise and just focus on my blog and what works for me.