When and how can I nominate a blog?

The 2021 nominations will open Monday 28th June and close Monday 26th July 2021. Please visit our Categories page and carefully read the general nomination rules along with the judging criteria for each category to determine which category the blog you want to nominate is most suited to. Once you have decided you can then nominate the blog by filling in the form on that category’s page.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, we encourage you to nominate your own blog if you feel your hard work deserves some well-earned recognition.

Is there a fee to be involved?

No, the awards are free to take part in.

How does voting work?

The voting stage will open on Tuesday 3rd August and close Thursday 9th September 2021. This is the point in the awards where you should reach out to your friends, family and followers to show your blog some love by voting for it. The number of votes each blog gets will make up 30% of the blog’s final score which will be combined with the judge’s votes (worth 70%) to determine this year’s shortlist.

What are the voting rules?

You can vote for as many blogs as you like during the voting stage however you can only vote for each blog once. We carefully monitor the votes we have coming in and reserve the right to disqualify any blogs who we feel are cheating. We encourage bloggers to outreach to their readers and followers to get as many votes as possible in this stage and we also host a voting competition each year which we invite all nominated bloggers to share. However blogs cannot offer their own voting incentives as we feel this would lead to these blogs having an unfair advantage over others. For more information on this please read our T&Cs.

How does the judging system work?

This year's judging system will work a little differently. There will be one judge per category (excluding Bloggers' Choice, KLC x AMARA Student Interior Design & Lifetime Achievement Awards) and they will each be asked to select their favourite blogs in these categories during the voting stage. These choices will be combined with the final voting numbers, with the judge's score worth 70% and the public vote 30%, to give each blog an overall score. These scores will determine the shortlist and then all 10 judges will meet again on the Judging Day to select the winners.

Can my blog be in more than one category?

Your blog can be nominated into multiple categories, however will only move forward into the voting stage in one category. We will place your blog in the category it receives the most votes for or the one we think is most relevant to the blog. For example, all blogs launched after January 1st 2020 will be placed in the Best Newcomer Blog category regardless of content.

Can international blogs take part?

We will still be accepting nominations from all over the globe as long as the blog is written in English so our judges can assess the content, however different territories will not be split out within categories this year.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced at a virtual awards ceremony this year which will take place Thursday 21st October 2021.

How do I know what the judges are looking for?

Please visit our Category page to see what specific criteria the judges will be looking for in each category. Along with these specific elements which will vary from category to category, the judges will also be looking for intriguing content, eye-catching design and enjoyable writing across all blogs.

Can I sponsor this year's event?

We have some sponsorship opportunities available so if you want to be involved in this year's awards, please email us at IBA@amara.com for more information.