Travel the World Through Your Interior / Jacob Lund

After a year like no other, spending more time in our homes and embarking on staycations rather than our usual getaways, we are all itching to hop on a plane and jet off on a luxury vacation to somewhere far away. Whilst that still feels like a lifetime away and we are not sure when we will be dusting off the suitcases and digging out our passports, why not update your home decor and travel the world through your interior?

Go Wild for a Safari / danmir12
Global Explorer / Designed by AMARA

What could be more exotic than a safari adventure deep within the plains of Africa? Westerners have been creating safari themed interiors for decades taking inspiration from the country’s culture and wildlife, a popular style seen year after year found both in the interior and fashion industries.

First thoughts may be to adorn every corner of your home with an array of animal prints; however a more subtle approach is likely to make a larger impact. Begin with the colour palette to form your foundation, neutral shades, earthy tones such as rich browns and khaki greens, and organic materials, all colours and textures that can be found across the African landscape.

Why not introduce handmade African inspired pieces such as decorative bowls and ornaments? Swapping out your cushion covers is a quick and easy way to transform the vibe of a room or, to really make a statement, invest in an animal floor rug or luxurious cowhide accessories.

Head to the Tropics

Beaumont / Wirestock

After weeks of rainy days and grey skies, tropical climates are on everyone’s minds. The tropical style is one of hottest trends of the past ten years and American designer Justina Blakeney sparked a whole Instagram movement with her #jungalow style hashtag.

The perfect way to transform your home into a paradise, the tropical interior trend is loud and proud. Think bold, bright colours and contrasting patterns inspired by Indonesian jungles, Mediterranean summers, and Hawaiian landscapes. Go as daring as you like with a vibrant colour palette, yellow naturally energizes a space whilst deep blues and greens blur the line between indoors and outdoors and splashes of pinks and orange with wooden accents bring the look together.

Why not go big and adorn your walls with a beautiful botanical wallpaper? If you’re looking for a more subtle look, refresh your wall decor or swap out your bed linen for a summery aesthetic. Opt for bold florals and palm leaves with swinging monkeys, flamboyant flamingos, and exotic birds. Bring the outside in and fill every room with indoor plants like monsteras, ferns, and snake plants. Finish off the look with rattan accessories and gold embellishments, reminiscent of the sun beaming through the towering trees.

Relax at the Beach / wavebreak3
A Simple Mess

There is nothing more relaxing than laying on a luxurious sunbed listening to the sound of ocean waves. Seaside inspired interiors satisfy our longing for sun, sea, and sand between our toes by bringing chilled beach house vibes into the comfort of our own homes.

Coastal interiors aren’t all about nautical stripes, fishy finishing touches, or anchor wall hangings, this laid-back style is more about delicate tones layered with natural materials and textures. Cool whites, soft beiges, and washed-out blues pair beautifully with sun-bleached woods, wicker-style furnishings, and crisp linens.

Choose your accessories wisely and find the right balance to ensure your decor is more coastal-chic than seaside-tack. Opt for delicate seashells, rustic ropes, and subtle sea-life motifs across scatter cushions, opulent vases, and decorative wall prints. Why not fill a crystal-clear vase with smooth pebbles and a bunch of dried pampas grass? Or swap out thick curtains for light, linen voiles? Use wicker baskets for storage and white-washed wooden furniture to transform your interior into a relaxing haven for those cool beach vibes every day.