Beading and Tassels and Pom Poms, Oh My! Let’s Talk Fringing

colourful tassel cushions

Are you tempted by tassels? Have a penchant for pom poms? You’re not alone, fabulous fringing is one of the biggest trends of the year so far and we’ve seen it everywhere from fashion and soft furnishings, to stationery and furniture. Also spreading to beading and sequins, these finishes are here to stay for the year so we’ve explored what they are and how to easily add them to the home. Are you ready to talk fringing?

Tempting Tassels

tasselled rug
Ian Snow
tasselled rug
Ian Snow

We all know the classic fringe seen on blankets, rugs and cushions with single yarns, the tassel fringe is similar but with multiple yarns woven together to form little bursts of fabric along the edge of the piece. A fresh take on the classic, the tassel fringe is more relaxed, less traditional and well, just more fun. Seen in both bold and neutral colours, you’ll find them across countless homeware items from cushions and throws, to baskets and even home fragrance.

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Twist Up the Traditional

neutral cushions

If you’re a traditionalist and love a classic fringe, there are still ways to get on-board with the trend. A twist on traditional fringing we’re seeing more and more is extra-long or extra thick and fluffy versions which still play with the same single plaited or twisted yarns, but give them a more eye-catching boost.

It’s Always a Party With Pom Poms

pom pom baskets
Ian Snow

A staple of bohemian and festival looks in both fashion and the home, pom poms bring a party vibe to any setting. Often wonderfully colourful, they are usually accompanied by even bolder patterns to fill your home with the sights of summer. A contrast to tassels, they will still sit beautifully side by side, if like us you can’t decide which you prefer.

Glam it Up With Beads & Sequins

fringe beaded bed
Kylie Minogue

If you’re looking for a finishing with even more glamour than the options above, you can’t go wrong with bead and sequin embellishments and fringing. Not seen as often as tassels, pom poms or classing fringing, these types of finishing are just as wow and they also ramp up the indulgence factor. In shimmering metallics, these designs are the sparkle every home needs this year.

Find Fringing in Unusual Places

fringed table

For this trend you don’t just need to stick to the home accessories you normally find fringing on, it’s starting to pop up even in the most unusual of places too. From macramé wall art and mirrors, to poufs and even particularly extravagant side tables, everything is getting in on the fringing action and we simply can’t get enough of it!