Pols Potten: A Kaleidoscope Of Colour

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After over 30 years in the business, Dutch design brand pols potten know a thing or two about playful interiors. Founded by Erik Pol in 1987 and operating out of a tiny shop in Amsterdam, the brand began life exclusively selling imported Mediterranean earthenware that were relatively unheard of in the Netherlands at the time. Quickly flourishing into creating and selling their own collection, the brand are well renowned for their fun style, tongue-in-cheek attitude and eye-catching colour.

We take a closer look at the brand’s love of colour, how to style different colours and what effects they have on an interior…

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pols potten

The Power Of Pink

From millennial and Scandi pink to rose quartz and bubblegum, dusky shades have been popping up everywhere and are showing no sign of abating. Proving remarkably resistant to the fickle fads of fashion, these warm and uplifting hues have been setting the tone for the last few seasons.

For those wanting to take the plunge and fully embrace rosy tones, the bedroom is a great place to make a start. With plenty of texture to play with, you can follow in the footsteps of your favourite blogger or editorial with draped powder throws and scattered blush cushions paired with dusky greys. If your housemate isn’t too keen or you just want to dip your toes in, introduce a rosy shade as a highlight. A vase here or a stool there in your favourite shade of pink can really uplift a space and will demand attention.

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Sunny Highlights

Yellow is a bright and fresh shade that brings instant energy to any space. Regarded by some as the perfect accent colour, yellow also has a bad rep for being notoriously difficult to get right. Whilst lovers of yellow will proudly say that it’s welcoming and helps to create a happy atmosphere, some feel that if it’s too bright and it can be almost distracting and upset a calming space. Whatever your preference, choosing the perfect sunny shade is completely personal.

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Keen For Green

The botanical trend has been huge this year and tending to an array of houseplants has been the chicest way to embrace it. If your fingers aren’t particularly green and you can’t bear to throw away another cactus, don’t despair. You can bring the beauty of nature into your home with refreshing green tones. A natural choice for interiors, green makes ideal backdrop because as humans we’re so used to seeing it everywhere.

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Into The Blue

Whether you’re aiming for the sky or diving into the depths below, blue is one of the most versatile of all decorating hues. Easy to blend with complementing colours and perfect for mixing different shades, you can never go wrong with a touch of blue. From inky and deep to royal, electric and pastel, there are endless possibilities of shades and each can have a different effect on us. Overall, blue has a positive effect on the mind and body and exudes feelings of tranquillity and is often cited as a productive colour, making it perfect for bedrooms or studies.

For a designer look, embrace blue in all its glory and layer inky navy with subtle sapphire and highlight fresh pastels. Or bring hints of the deep into the home with darker shades as the perfect accent. Either way, you’ll feel anything but the blues.

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gold and black table
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The Golden Touch

Gold in all its glory is the ultimate way to add luxe into your interior. It’s extravagant, excessive and utterly irresistible. If you want to indulge in the Midas touch go for glittering accents such as door knobs, desk accessories and bowls. Golden child? Invest in golden statement furniture such as side tables or stools, they’ll really pop against existing pieces and create a point of interest in any setting.

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White Out

Brilliant by name and nature, white is having a moment. An essential shade in any room of the home, white makes the perfect backdrop and goes with everything.

When it comes to bleaching your space add plenty of texture in varying shades, from fuzzy throws and soft cushions to swirling marble and wood, these surfaces will bring a touch of cosiness and freshness to your look. For bonus points, go for drama and pair with black. Monochrome is timeless, universal and will always look good.

As it can be such a contrast against other colours, white is also the perfect shade for statement pieces such as sculptures, accent furniture and ornaments. Feel free to step outside the box when it comes to choosing these statement pieces, they’re supposed to stand out.

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black home accessories
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Be Bold With Black

Any dark interiors addict will tell you embracing the dark side is the only way to go. Moody and dark, all black interiors have been cropping up on our radars for a while now and we can’t get enough. A dramatic way of decorating, nothing makes a statement quite like the darkest shade of them all.

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Rainbow Brights

Why choose only one favourite colour when you can choose them all? Red and yellow to blue and green, bring them all into your home with uninhibited courage. Remember sometimes more is more.

Adding pops of colour will bring personality to any living space, especially at the dining table. Assorted shades of glassware, tableware and cutlery will create a playful and casual dining space, perfect for everyday meals. Looking to add a mesmerising finish? Oil slicked surfaces will elevate any living space with their shimmering colours and light bouncing tendencies.

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