Modern Mystic: The New Age Trend

spiritual inspired interior dream catchers

It’s official, manifesting is the new nesting. And as alternative spirituality enters the mainstream, the world of interiors is getting in touch with its more magical side. From zodiac motifs and mandala prints to crystals and self-reflection journals, getting more in tune with your higher self has never been easy (or more important). Enter the Modern Mystic, the new age look we’ll be manifesting all season long.

ted baker zodiac rugs
Ted Baker
ted baker zodiac rugs
Ted Baker

What’s Your Star Sign?

Whether you check your weekly horoscope and know exactly what makes a Leo tick or you’re not quite sure what having a ‘Pisces moon’ means, bringing some astrology into your home is the perfect way to nail the trend. Think rugs, decorative accessories or even plates with zodiac motifs to show off your star sign (which such a Gemini thing to do).

different types of crystals
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Crystal Clear Style

Turning your home into a high-vibe haven is easier than you think. Beyond being pretty to look at, crystals are here to bring the good vibrations home. From agate slices and ornaments to trinket boxes, cutlery and prints, your crush on crystals can be shown in every room of your home. Even if you don't buy into the energy side of things, you can still benefit from them. So why not harness the positive vibes of these powerful stones in your home this year?

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Zen Prints

The word ‘mandala’ is Sanskrit for ‘circle’ and is a spiritual symbol that represents all aspects of life. The beauty of the geometric patterns is that each one is completely unique and based of the creator’s life. They’re often used for meditation and achieving a feeling of wholeness, so they're perfect for bringing maximum zen vibes into your home.

colour swatches interior design
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Colour Symbolism

It’s universally acknowledged that colours impact a room and your mood in so many different ways. By considering the spiritual properties associated with colours you’ll ensure your home, mind, body and soul are all vibrating on a higher frequency. Not sure where to start? We’ve made a handy guide below:

Red Bringing passion to your relationships, life and work, red symbolizes energy, confidence and power
Pink An everlasting symbol of innocence, pink is synonymous with fantasy, playfulness and self-love
Orange Sociable and self-assured, orange’s cheerful tones stimulated creativity, success and productivity
Yellow The most positive of the shades, yellow is all about confidence, personal power and being comfortable in your own skin
Blue Calming and spiritually deep, blue is associated with inner-peace, stability and emotional depth
Green A shade of growth and renewal, green supports balance and encourages freshness and harmony
Violet The colour of imagination and spirituality, violet is emotionally soothing and represents the future and enlightenment

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