Filmed in Colour: Movie Inspired Interiors


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Coloured films first appeared in the 1960s, changing the world of cinema by eventually replacing black and white pictures. Filmmakers previously used light and shadow to convey emotions but now the use of a carefully selected colour palette is key to setting a movie’s tone before any of the action even starts.


Born from a passion of celebrating the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of film production, Kalki Janardhanan created an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing the efforts of those out of the spotlight like cinematographers and costume designers.

“When watching a film, we don’t consciously notice the colour palette. My goal was for people to notice how much work goes behind the creation of every single frame. That’s why I started Color Palette Cinema. I picked colour as the main theme of the account as it’s one of the many tools that filmmakers use to tell a story and convey emotions.” – Kalki Janardhanan, Founder.

With an impressive following of 1.7m followers on Instagram, @colorpalette.cinema’s feed is a beautiful celebration of colour. We’ve picked out some of our favourites that we think will fit seamlessly into your home for the season ahead.

Rocketman (2019)

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Based on the life and music of Sir Elton John, Rocketman is a musical fantasy that takes us on a journey of the highs and lows that plagued the musician’s life.

Known for his eccentric looks on and off stage, costume designer Julian Day reimagined his iconic style with director Dexter Fletcher and set designers Marcus Rowland and Peter Francis to bring the story to life. With an aim for John to be the sole focus of each scene, they worked closely to ensure the colour tones worked together perfectly.

John’s outrageous outfits alongside muted tones is a look that’s easy to replicate in the home. Choose your focal point, whether it’s a statement sofa, vibrant gallery wall or even an impressive collection of records and use the rest of the space to simply complement the stand-out feature. When it comes to the Rocketman himself, the bigger, the brighter, the better.

Amelie (2001)

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Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Amelie is a whimsical comedy about a young woman who secretly controls the lives of those around her, creating an entire universe of her own making.

Shot in Paris across eighty locations, it represents Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s visionary style to capture the incomparable magic of modern-day Paris. Every scene oozes colour, rich with a welcoming and warm orange palette with hints of blue and green.

This warm colour palette oozes autumnal vibes making it perfect for the season ahead. To bring a little French magic into your interior, why not add bursts of brilliant blues alongside your usual seasonal decor?

Blade Runner (1982)

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Renowned for changing the world of modern sci-fi cinema, Blade Runner is a cult classic - the story of a special agent with a mission to destroy a fugitive group of advanced androids.

Set in a dystopian future, Blade Runner embodies the electric style of the ‘80s era with a futuristic edge. Dark, moody frames are brought to life with neon lights and vibrant shades of blues and pinks.

Effortlessly bring this style into your home with a themed gallery wall combined with some statement neon lighting and vibrant furnishings.

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) /

Inspired by a variety of influences, The Royal Tenenbaums includes themes of a dysfunctional family alongside failure and redemption following the lives of three gifted siblings.

Filmed in New York City, the creators strived to distinguish each frame from the city’s recognizable skyline. Featuring fashions and sets combining styles from different eras, it offers an eclectic mix-match of calming soft tones. Cool blues and greens dance alongside rich browns, oranges, and yellows with delicate shades of pink scattered in between.

With such a vast range of hues, why not introduce your favourite shades in your favourite spaces? Refresh a reading nook with a new cushion, mix up your tabletop with contrasting dinner plates and cutlery or update your woodwork with a fresh lick of paint.

These are just some of our top picks. Sit back and explore @colorpalette.cinema for even more inspiration.

These are just some of our top picks. Sit back and explore @colorpalette.cinema for even more inspiration.