How to Get the NYC Loft Look in Your Home

NYC Loft Look Interior
Sheep + Stone, photography by Nicole Franzen

Sitting at the core of industrial interior design is the highly sought-after, relaxed and effortless NYC loft look. Synonymous with open plan living, the New York loft look favours a stripped-back approach to interior design and shines a light on the bare bones of the building; think exposed brickwork and bare concrete finishes.

Whilst it is most often seen in city loft spaces and apartments with plenty of open space, this rough-around-the-edges interior style can be applied to most homes with a few thoughtful touches, whether you're just looking for some loft apartment living room ideas, or want to decorate a whole living space. We spoke to New York interior design studio Sheep + Stone, who shared their top tips for giving your home an industrial edge no matter where you live…

Living room interior in loft apartment in industrial style with brick wall, grey stylish sofa and big window.

Adopt a High-Contrast Neutral Palette

Black and white are a classic colour combination when trying to achieve the Manhattan loft look, but if that’s too stark for you, softer tones like mid-to-dark greys and rich taupes can work just as well as long as the contrast level is on high.

Paint Your Window Trims Black

Keep your walls white or light grey and create some architectural drama. This is typically a quick, easy and cost-effective way to have a high impact and make your space feel more masculine, industrial and loft-like.
loft apartment
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Create the Feeling of High Ceilings

Ideally, your space will have high ceilings, but if not, make sure your ceilings are always painted white and consider hanging full-length curtains to create the optical illusion of height. This touch will also give your space the feel of a luxury loft apartment.

Maximize Natural Light

If you hang curtains, be sure to mount them either side of the window rather than in front of it so you don’t block out any light when the curtains are open. That way you'll be able to show off and open up your industrial-style space at its best.
Vintage Loft industrial downtown apartment -
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Mix Periods & Materials

Don’t be afraid to mix and pair unexpected materials, shapes and finishes when putting together your loft style decor. For example, you could choose a contemporary and industrial coffee table and pair it with a soft, faux fur rug for a contrasting effect. Just ensure your palette remains restrained so things still feel harmonious.

Embrace the More Industrial Elements in Your Home

Keep exposed pipes, ductwork, brick walls and concrete on display but pare this approach back in the bedrooms for a slightly softer feeling.

Use Statement Lighting

Considering lighting is always an important part of the design process, both from an illumination and from an aesthetic standpoint. Choose something more sculptural to add interest to your space but ensure you can dim the lights for a more moody loft vibe.
luxury studio apartment with a free layout in a loft style in dark colours

Small Changes Make the Perfect Loft Design

Whether you're thinking of having your living room designed to look like the Manhattan Loft Gardens, or you're decorating a loft space to make it look bigger, brighter and more contemporary, there are lots of simple changes and touches you can add to your space to get the ultimate NYC loft look.