Curves in All the Right Spaces


Living room interior wall mock up with pastel coral pink sofa and armchair, round pillows
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The shape of things to come? It’s curved. From furniture and furnishings to prints and patterns, it’s time to leave hard-lined edges behind and embrace something a little softer. With the interiors world falling for sinuous shapes, we explore how you can whip your space into (curved) shape…

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The Curve Appeal

What is it about the softening of corners that makes it all so inviting? In their simplest form, circles have no beginning or end, they’re free moving and in many cultures represent community, perfection and infinity. We’re naturally drawn to rounded shapes when we’re seeking comfort and somewhere to rest.

Shop A-Round

Wooden, round dining table in the corner of an open space living room interior with nordic furniture and decor /

Stay in Shape

Sloping edges and sinuous lines are more appealing to the eye and make surfaces look comfortable and inviting, meaning it’s difficult for us to resist lounging on them. It’s also easier to converse and be closer to whoever you’re sitting next to as there’s no hard lines to block you off from each other.

By swapping out boxy furniture and angled accessories for softer lines, clever curves and organic shapes you’ll instantly give your space a new energy. Keep an eye out for chairs with fluid profiles, tables with rounded edges and chubby accessories.

Embrace the Curves

Real photo of round, wooden tables standing in front of a gray couch with colorful pillows in bright living room interior /

Good Flex

Whilst flexed edges evoke feelings of relaxation over perpendicular alternatives, you don’t need to say goodbye to your love of right angles all together. Curves pair perfectly with geometric designs, think contrasting prints and patterns on surfaces like upholstery, soft furnishings or wall art. Try pairing a geo patterned rug under a sloping sofa or graphic print wallpaper to bring some contrast to your scheme.

Complement Your Curves

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Soften Up

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