Blue kitchen with white island
Image courtesy of Maurizio Pellizzoni

The use of colour in interior decor is extremely important for bringing personality and character to a room. Even simply adding a pop of colour can change an interior space dramatically, whether it be through a daring paint colour choice or by adding a variety of home accessories and furniture.

Previous interior colour trends have seen minimalistic neutral interior colour schemes and pastel colour palettes, but with this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year named the bright shade of Living Coral, we have a feeling this year’s interior colour trends will be a lot more daring.

We spoke to a collection of established interior designers and asked for their predictions of the colour trends we can expect to see on the interiors scene throughout this year. Featuring dark colour schemes and palettes of pinks that can be used across the home, we provide you with the latest interior colour trends you need to know about.


Dark blue bedroom
Image courtesy of Yoko Kloeden Design @yokokloedendesign

Yoko Kloeden Design

This is our own bedroom. In our previous home, our bedroom was white and Scandinavian style. We had blackout blinds but it was still very bright, particularly in the summer. We were able to convert the loft here and as the room was at the top of the house, I wanted a cocooning effect with dark and moody colours, to create an escape. I used Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue on all the walls and had the floorboards stained with the dark colour. We sleep so much better now and I have converted to a great advocate of going dark, particularly in master bedrooms. Yoko Kloeden Design

Blue library inspired living room
Photography by Lyndon Douglas

Samantha Watkins, Maklin and Macrae


millennial pink bedroom
Photography by Rooz Photography for Designed by Woulfe

Brian Woulfe, Designed by Woulfe

This colour has captured the hearts of the Instagram generation and interior designers alike. Millennial Pink provides a fantastic way of introducing a feeling of serenity and fun to any space. The brilliant thing about pink is that it can be cold or warm. The more muted pinks hark back to the 1950s – think Grease. They work wonderfully with other similar colours like teal and greys, which have a vintage feel to them. Hot pinks add a bit of spice to an interior and are a subtler way of adding drama to a room if red is not your thing. Brian Woulfe, Designed by Woulf


Dark green bedroom
Image courtesy of My Bespoke Room

Diana Greenhalgh, My Bespoke Room

We believe at My Bespoke Room that classic colours are certainly not going away (we all still love whites and greys) but we’re also loving less traditional neutrals. In particular, the colour green, as seen in this bedroom. It works to bring a moody feel to any space but doesn’t feel overwhelming at all.

This master bedroom remains bright and sophisticated, boasting a Farrow & Ball Studio Green feature wall, and pastel soft finishing touches. Shades of dusty pink lift the moodiness of the deep green, creating the perfect balance with surrounding grey walls. Throw in some brass finishes and you’re bang-on-trend! Diana Greenhalgh, My Bespoke Room

pastel green bedroom
Photography by Chris Snook

Laura Stephens, Laura Stephens Interior Design


Modern monochrome kitchen
Image courtesy of Maurizio Pellizzoni

Maurizio Pellizzoni, Interior Designer

PANTONE 5395 U is a blue-black colour and will be a popular key colour for season, especially in kitchens. Combined with metallics like polished brass, it can add a luxurious feel to any interior from upholstery to woodwork. This colour can be used with a statement piece or even to dominate a room with walls painted in this sophisticated tone. This deep blue will work well with purple shades as well as pastel hues that are still very much on trend. Maurizio Pellizzoni, Interior Designer

grey monochrome bedroom
Photography by Leonas Garbacauskas

Aida Sniraite, Authentic Interior Design Studio

We believe this season will see a monochrome colour trend. Monochromatic does not mean only black and white, it’s more about shaping the space with one colour. Let’s take grey, the most boring colour you say? Grey is not boring when chosen within the right context. From light grey to the dark graphite, the choice is huge. It’s all about choosing the right colour to match the history of your house or retail space that matches perfectly with the existing building elements.

This bedroom has several greys and the tiny pop of Klein blue in the cushions. We left the original concrete ceiling and created a decorative concrete decor on the wall. Light grey laminate with dark graphite edges has been chosen to make the room a little bit airier and lighter. Wardrobe doors have been chosen in moody matt graphite which adds more depth. All the furniture, doors and plinths have been chosen black to make a statement in an already light room. Adding a contrasting colour like black-white or grey-black makes the room more interesting and dynamic. Don’t be afraid to choose statement pieces or play with colours and shades that shape the space and create something unique. Aida Sniraite, Authentic Interior Design Studio

Monochrome living room
Image courtesy of Ensoul

Viki Lander, Ensoul

Be bold. A dramatic sitting room with a basalt painted feature wall and citrus yellow shelving to highlight objet d’Art. An electric fire brings the room to life and looks fantastically real with its flickering flames and perfectly sawn, round logs that we recessed into the wall on each side. Leather sofas sit elegantly in the space with zingy velvet cushions that pop. I love the way this room sets a formal yet cosy atmosphere. Socialise with friends or recline the sofas and it’s the perfect cinema room. To get the look: use dark paint, neutral flooring and furniture. Then let it pop with accessories. Add a fire if you can for warmth and a beautiful focal point. Viki Lander, Ensoul


Purple walled living room
Photography by Joseph Casey

Kelling Designs

At Kelling Designs, we love mixing different textures, contemporary furniture with brown antiques and vibrant colours to create a unique, beautifully bold room. Bright velvet cushions from William Yeoward, a KD Loves purple leather ottoman mixed with printed fabric from Warwick, ceramic Porta Romana lamps and Biddy Hodgkinson artwork, silk velvet sofas from De Gournay. Forget your bog-standard grey or neutral rooms, the only ‘beige’ thing about this room is the suede walls – why use paint when you can use fabric?!

Kelling Designs


Modern natural style living room
Interior Design by Imperfect Interiors, Photography by Chris Snook

Beth Dadswell, Imperfect Interiors

With consumers becoming more aware of how their throw-away shopping habits affect the planet, 2018 is already seeing a move towards handmade and eco-friendly products that have character and longevity. Imperfections are being embraced, and natural finishes such as these raw pink plaster walls are cossetting in our hectic lives. Toughen them up with a contrasting element- hard with soft. Hard materials seen here such as leather, steel and wood are contrasted by the soft hand-woven jute rug, linen cushions and houseplants. Tones of terracotta, cream and sage work well with this pink palette and can be added to your room with throws, rugs and cushions. And if you want to add a touch of glamour, throw in a couple of brass candlesticks or picture frames.

Beth Dadswell, Imperfect Interiors

Vivid colours, organic and earthy shades and textured fabrics work so well in this houseboat interior; mellow yellows, blues and greens compliment natural woods with an ease and elegance we could not assume would work quite so well. And they are all very on-trend right now. One thing I have noticed this year is the use of layering – from floor coverings to bedding, cushions and throws – which adds dimension to a room and gives depth to a design. I don’t think I have seen this amount of mixing of styles and tones to create such eclectic styling, in a very long time, but I’m inspired by it. If you are a lover of colour and texture, you could not be happier this season with such a vibrant display in the world of interiors.

Alyson Jackson-Petts, Tristram Design and Build LTD

Colour Pop

Colour pop  kitchen
Image courtesy of Bella Bunce

Arabella Bunce, Bella Bunce

Kitchens are busy places, both practically and visually, so when designing one for real life (not just Instagram) I try to inject colour in places it can easily be changed up when the mood takes me. These neon yellow handles are laminate pieces cut to size then sprayed with car paint and glued in. Experimenting is a great way to find what works for you and this is an easy and inexpensive way of doing so. Another big colour trend for this season's kitchens is metal. Distressed metal, such as these old copper saucepans will make a new kitchen look less sterile and give the space a unique, luxurious feel. Combine with a copper sink and tap and your space is instantly updated.

Arabella Bunce, Bella Bunce

Marek Szubert, Studio Schubert

Marek Szubert, Studio Schubert

The indigo blues are still in fashion but recently we tend to use it through accessories and art, rather than large joinery items or furniture pieces. Together with an element of gold or brass, these create a rich composition, even in a new build apartment. Scaling it down and refining rich tones helps to animate the atmosphere while ensuring that even the most conservative of clients have a fashionable interior. We will always ensure that those pieces are easily replaceable if the fashion changes. This style of combining trends/colours gives us an opportunity to be creative within our environment.

Marek Szubert, Studio Schubert

White kitchen with yellow stools
Image courtesy of Moretti Interior Design Ltd. Photography by Tom St. Aubyn Photography Ltd

Cinzia Moretti, Moretti Interior Design

We love the confident, unconventional and out-of-the-ordinary style for this family kitchen. The simple, neat and clean lines combined with the choice of modern style furniture makes this kitchen a playful and elegant space. The style selected and the layout designed gives the privilege of moving freely in the space and allows the owner to enjoy every moment of the cooking ritual.

Complementary colours, mustard and blue create a vivid and energising atmosphere. The deep blue sets up a calming and whimsical surrounding, lifted by the touches of mustard. To achieve this playful and welcoming feeling, create a light colour background like a painter’s canvas, play with neutrals and add a splash of bold yet sophisticated colours.

Cinzia Moretti, Moretti Interior Design

White living with blue sofa
Photography by Chris Snook

Clare Altarafi, Clare Elise Interiors

For me, 2018 is the year of the ‘colour pop’ on the interiors scene and this London living room completed by us last year perfectly illustrates how embracing bright colours will help you achieve a room that wows. This room really makes a statement with purposeful hits of bold colours in the deep sumptuous teal velvet on the seating, vibrant yellow lighting and splashes of pink in the accessories it creating a fresh, energised and personality packed room. The statement art above the sofa incorporating all the colours in the scheme brings cohesion and cements those colour pops!

Clare Altarafi, Clare Elise Interiors