19 Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Children's Bedroom

It is no surprise that children spend a lot of time in their bedroom. Used for sleeping, playing and working, it follows that their space should be a reflection of their little personalities. Still, as Yvadney Davis told The LuxPad in her guest post, it is easy to get lost in the world of children’s interiors. We asked 27 experts to showcase their favourite children’s bedroom and to help us recreate the look at home. Stylish, practical, fun, cosy and comfortable – our selection of children’s bedroom decorating ideas will keep the kids happy from toddler to teen and all ages in-between. Time to release your inner child…


monochrome nursery
Image courtesy of Chalk Kids

Steph Withers – Founder and Editor, Chalk Kids

When it comes to children’s decor, my eye is always drawn to white, airy rooms with playful details to add warmth and colour. Jenson’s gender neutral nursery is a perfect example of this, with his sweet ladybug bedding and special wooden toys out on display. There’s space to let him play unrestricted, with stylish storage boxes to tidy away any clutter afterwards. It’s also a room that can easily grow with him for years to come. Whilst monochrome is the trend of the moment, it can be surprisingly tricky to get right. The key is to find a balance and you can do this by adding in more soft tones and textures such as wooden accents, a fun wallpaper or contrasting prints. Not only does it make the space more interesting, but it doesn’t restrict you to one overly coordinated look. Have fun with styling and sourcing your key pieces and it will shine through in your child’s room!

Mid Century design nursery
Image courtesy of Amber Interiors, Photograph by Tessa Neustadt

Nancy Straughan – Organic Fabrics and Eco Friendly Homeware

Mid Century design nursery
Image courtesy of Amber Interiors, Photograph by Tessa Neustadt

whilst still feeling a little grown up. I’m a big fan of Middle eastern textiles and I really like the slight juxtaposition of the candy coloured persian rug and monochrome block printed throw. I chose this image as it has a great balance of mature style with cute elements and I think a room like this could be easily adapted as the child grows up.

baby/toddler room interior
Image courtesy of AdobeStock/ Photographee.eu

Alex Gladwin – Blogger

I love so much about this baby/toddler room interior. The bunting across the cot really sets a tone for the room and I love the fairy lights hanging off of the shelving, they add a touch of warmth and cosiness to the room – which is exactly how every baby or child’s room should feel. I love that the floors and walls are bright. There’s a blue, white and grey theme which is fantastic because it suits a young baby as well as being grown up enough for a toddler. We’re re-doing our boys’ rooms this year and this image amongst others is where we’re taking inspiration from. I plan to use a light laminate floor like here and opt for light walls too, contrasting it by using colourful accessories. I think that when it comes to children’s interiors it’s fine to want to go modern, but it’s important to make sure that the room both reflects your child’s personality and is fun and young at the same time.

I adore a nursery that is simple, bright and happy – this space made me smile the second I spotted it. From the clean white walls (that can be easily touched up when the toddler years start!), illustrations on the walls, to the cosy chair with a blanket for feeding or cuddles, it’s my idea of a gorgeous room. I love that modern style cabinet with it’s display of toys and fun artwork. It also offers a useful storage solution for all those little things that constantly need tidying away. If I was going to be decorating a baby’s room again, this is a look I would be completely inspired by. It’s perfect for a girl or a boy and a space that they can grow into too. The only thing I would be looking to add is something hanging from the ceiling. Babies love to look up, so a mobile or a garland would be great above the cot. Jen Littlebirdie – Interior Blogger


childs bedroom with blue rug
Image courtesy of Jacinda Malloy

Jacinda Malloy – Interior Stylist

When I began Benji’s room, it was all about getting to know him. Benji has a twin brother so I wanted to make sure when designing their rooms that their different personalities were expressed. I soon found out that Benji’s favourite color was blue, so blue was a must. I also found out that Benji was interested in travel, the world, and had a very inquisitive mind. These two details were then the theme for my design. I used a large blue rug so that blue was prominent in his room but I didn’t want it to be dark and dreary so I chose a yellow to lift the blue and then used accents of both blue and yellow around the room. To inspire his travel goals, I added a world map on one wall and commissioned a small hand painted compass mural on another wall. I love this space as it’s light, bright, stylish and still reflects Benji’s fun, adventurous personality. Jacinda Malloy – Interior Stylist

child's grey bedroom
Image courtesy of Kuoo Architects

Sarah Hayford – Interior Blogger

Kids are a great joy of family life, but one thing that can be difficult is decorating a bedroom of someone that grows so quickly before your eyes! I’m really big on gender neutral design and looking at this room, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether or not it belonged to a girl or a boy. It’s so bright and natural with bits of contemporary and Scandinavian design. Little elements like the blackboard, bean bags and lights are used to give the room a warm feeling even though the design is really simple. I love where the bed is placed in the corner by a large window too. My top tip for decorating kids bedrooms is to maximise storage and to keep things simple, kids change their mind and get bored of a lot of things very quickly, we’ve all been there!

Breton striped child's bed linen
Image Courtesy of Geraldine Tan

Geraldine Tan – Interior Blogger

pastel coloured girl's bedroom
Image courtesy of AdobeStock/ Photographee.eu

Danielle Parisi – Interior Blogger

This girl’s bedroom design features some must-haves for ultimate fun and style for little ones. Pastel colours are great in children’s bedrooms, mixing pastel colours makes it really easy to achieve a scheme that is soothing and still loads of fun. I love the pink and mint features that stand out in this bedroom! Next, the wall stickers are a great addition. They are easier, quicker and cheaper to use than wallpaper. Little dots, triangles or clouds are just some of the many choices available. Making storage fun is also important by using a cleverly shaped side table. Danielle Parisi – Interior Blogger

children's bedroom with bunting
Image courtesy of Lara Jarvis

Lara Jarvis – Lifestyle Blogger

When it was time for our toddler to upgrade to his “Big Boy Bedroom” I knew I wanted to design something which would be able to grow with him over the years. The basis of the room is classic stars and stripes, which means we can mix up the accessories as his tastes change. Taking inspiration from our travels around America and their comic book stores we used bright red as an accent colour against greys and whites.

Children's bookcase with red detail
Image courtesy of Lara Jarvis

Comic covers from our special dates; birthdays, anniversaries etc. hang on the walls next to handmade comic book bunting, framed posters and Superhero silhouettes, with lighting and canopies creating a cosy feel. Super storage solutions hide all manner of clutter and provide a great display area for favourite toys and books.
Lara Jarvis – Lifestyle Blogger

dark grey coloured girl's bedroom
Image courtesy of @thesocialitefamily

Rosie Kinsella – Interior Designer & Director

white and spacious child's bedroom
Image courtesy of AdobeStock/ Photographee.eu

Lorinda Mamo – Interior Blogger

A dash of vintage, a sprinkle of whimsy and a drop of contemporary all seamlessly intertwined into this gorgeous kid’s room. The easy to reach storage space makes it easy to tidy up and keep things in their place. Plenty of floor space allows for freedom to move, play and imagine, and the bed frame creates a creative space within a space where dreams are made. The colours used are pleasant and the warmth of the light enhances the colours and softens the geometric lines of the mural and the carpet. My tips for decorating a children’s bedroom would be to remember that fairy lights are not just for Christmas – use them in a child’s room to create a dreamy atmosphere and to not be afraid to mix vintage and contemporary styles. Lorinda Mamo – Interior Blogger

Children's bedroom with bunting
Image courtesy of Medina – https://www.mkkidsinteriors.com/

Medina – Interior Designer

Playful design twins bedroom
Image courtesy of Helen Winter, Coral Interiors

Helen Winter – Interior Designer

This bedroom was for pre-teen sisters who share a room in their family’s holiday home in Sandbanks, Poole. We wanted to create a fun, playful space, reflecting their hobbies and personalities – and the gorgeous coastal location. The sail personalised with their initials is quirky, and complements the Andrew Martin faux wood panel wallpaper, which is hung horizontally. The great thing about this room is the huge apex windows, which we dressed with simple grey curtains in a dim-out fabric, which will last for years to come. The room can easily be toned down as they girls mature, simply by swapping out cushions and accessories as their tastes evolve. Helen Winter – Interior Designer

children's bedroom with carousel wallpaper
Image courtesy of Wild Hearts Wonder

Gina Everett – Interior Designer

When decorating children’s bedrooms, we love to use statement wallpaper that tells a story to the children who use it or inspires something magical. The carousel wallpaper is a favourite. It offers a more grown up takes on the children’s bedroom whilst still inspiring the imagination and encouraging a love of nature. Wallpaper is also a great way to get an accent colour or theme into the room which can then be layered upon with cushions and accessories. Gina Everett – Interior Designer


school uniform chair
Image courtesy of Sarah Burghard

Sarah Burghard – Designer

A school uniform chair would be a truly special feature for any child or teenager’s room – uniform, sports kit, brownies, cubs, a favourite party dress, any outfit can become an eye-catching piece of furniture with a little imagination. Here, I used a digital fabric design and combined it onto my favourite style of armchair. This would work equally well on any style of chair, sofa or interior furnishing! I think this is a wonderfully quirky design that features a fabulous twist on a special part of your child or teenager’s life, making sure that the memories of their happiest years live on forever… Custom-designed chairs, lampshades, cushions and wallpaper designs are a fantastic addition to any child’s bedroom and provide high quality, extremely comfortable pieces that will make your bedroom design truly unique and memorable. Sarah Burghard – Designer