Exploring the Wonderful World of Seletti

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Since its inception, Seletti has always followed its own rules. From iconic lighting and art de la table to statement objects and furniture, Seletti’s collection of irreverent pieces blends art with the everyday. Join us as we explore the wonderful world of Seletti…

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seletti blow studio job plates

Founded in 1964 in Ciognara, Mantova by Romano Seletti, the brand has become synonymous with creative Italian excellence. Linking design to pop art in the most charming and irreverent manner, Seletti’s collections blend art with daily life icons.

Originally importing homeware products from China, the brand is now lead by Stefano and Miria Seletti and has expanded into a range of collections embodying enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and experimentation.

Stefano has always believed in reinvention and works with a range of young Italian and International designers to evolve their designs. By also working with people outside of the design world, Stefano can look at the process from new angles, his unconventional and non-academic background lead him to break down barriers and journey towards a ‘new beauty. For Seletti, this is (r)evolution.

seletti wears toiletpaper plates

As well as creating and curating their own collections, from Estetico Qutidiano to Memorabilia Mvsevm and I-Wares, Seletti also have collaborated with Seletti Wears Toiletpaper, Diesel with Seletti & Job and Seletti. We take a look at the story behind each collaboration…

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Studio Job was founded by artist and design duo Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel in 2000. Regarded as contemporary cultural pioneers, the studio is dedicated to revolutionizing common preconceptions about the distinct realms of art and design. They strive towards the creation of ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, sometimes poorly translated to ‘aesthetics’ but more precisely means ‘synthesis of the arts’.

A bold and pop-art tinged collaboration, the eclectic collection is characterized by unconventional and irresistibly cheeky designs. From cat-shaped lamps and neon lights to take-away furniture and playful tableware, it’s a collection that covers all bases.

Formed from a collaboration between Seletti and Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari’s magazine, Seletti Wears Toiletpaper has been designed to shock and delight. The result of the cult bi-annual magazine ‘contaminating’ Seletti pieces, the collection features Maurizio Cattelan’s no-holds-barred art, beautifully photographed by Pierpaolo Ferrari. Unusual and exceptional, you’ll find plates, rugs, home accessories and more dipped in black humour and pastel tones.

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Seletti + Marcantonio

Seletti + Marcantonio

Born in 1976, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, is becoming one of the most esteemed Italian art designers of his generation. Approaching his designs with a curious and creative mind, inspired by his childhood daydreaming, Marcantonio’s work gives life to simple creative everyday expressions with an artistic touch. Inspired by the natural and animal world, the collaboration has experimental and unexpected feel to it and stands on the line between object and artwork.

Combining Diesel’s leading fashion expertise with Seletti’s distinctive style, comes Diesel with Seletti. The collaboration is an eclectic blend of industrialism, adrenaline-filled rock and roll with a splash of bright and mischievous pop. Clashing vintage spirit with textured surfaces and provocative finishing touches, Diesel with Seletti will bring an explosion of personality to any interior.