Back to Work: Everyday Essentials

19/07/2021 /

For the past year or so, many of us have become accustomed to the comfortable life of working from home. With some converting a spare room into a their very own study, others creating a ‘cloffice’ – a compact home office space, and many simply hot desking from the dining table to the sofa.

As life is starting to return to normal, it’s time to kick off our slippers, fold up the loungewear, dust off our laptop bags and head back into the workspace. It might all feel a bit alien right now, so we’ve put together a list of back to office essentials to get you started...

Up Your Tech Game

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Now that sharing offices and commuting to work is back on the menu, it’s important to keep your gadgets safe and organized. Squeezing onto a busy train? Investing in a good carry bag or sleeve will protect your laptop from scratches and knocks on your daily commute. Not looking forward to the office humdrum? Opt for a good quality pair of earphones or headphones to stay focused or even switch off on your journey home.

Master Meal Prep

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Heading back into the workspace means we won’t be a few short steps away from our kitchens when it comes to grabbing a coffee or mustering up food. Meal prepping will take away that everyday stress of wondering what to have to eat whilst also saving on the pennies. Treat yourself to a stylish lunchbox or bag to bring some style to your lunchbreak. Why not choose a microwavable bowl so you can warm up last night’s leftovers? Or opt for one with compartments so you can snack your way through the day.

Adding a travel mug to your morning commute will give you that much needed coffee boost nice and early whilst keeping a water bottle on your desk will encourage you to stay hydrated.

Refresh Your Stationery

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Replacing your half-used notebooks and (slightly chewed) pens will breathe new life into your working day. A fresh set of stationery can do wonders for making you feel organized and ready to conquer your to do list. If you’re heading back into the office full time, a desk tidy is a great way to ensure your workspace remains just how you like it whilst looking the part. A new notebook, planner or organizer with detailed pages can support you in planning your day and managing your schedule whilst a designer pen will bring some class to your all-important note making (or doodling).

Get Packing

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Now you’ll be on-the-go again it’s important to keep the essentials to hand. Organize your bag so you’re not overloaded (it’s always good to clear out the bottom-of-the-bag unnecessaries such as old train tickets, broken pens and receipts) and plan ahead for what you’ll need whilst you’re out of the house. Don’t forget the extras and make sure you grab an umbrella from your umbrella stand in case the weather turns.