New Year’s Eve Games For Every Party

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No New Year’s Eve party is complete without a game or two. Forget boring your guests with endless runs of charades, we’ve got some better ideas. Whether you're having a family get together or a New Year's Eve with friends, we’ve found the best party games to suit every kind of soirée…

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New Year’s Eve with friends is the perfect time to pull out the party games. Whether it’s a gathering with old friends or you're hosting for different circles, New Year's Eve party games will break the ice and ensure everyone’s entertained until the all-important midnight countdown. Whether it’s a board game, charades or a quiz, aim to introduce party games two hours into the night, this will allow your guests time to catch up beforehand but avoid anyone becoming restless as the night continues.

Icebreaker Games

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If you’re hosting for friends who don’t know each other very well, get the party started with some festive-themed games to break the ice. For a fun twist on the classic ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ game, ask your guests to come up with two new year’s resolutions they’re going to make and one lie, then ask everyone else to guess which are the resolutions and which is the lie. It’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other and you may be surprised what you find out.

Boozy Banter

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It just wouldn’t be the festive season without a little tipple. So put your knowledge to the test with a friendly round of questions. From gin and whisky-based games to overall cocktail knowledge (do you know your negronis from your martinis?) these games are perfect for cocktail parties). Use a blindfold and have your guests blind-taste drinks and guess which cocktail it is, or see if they can name the cocktail from the ingredients used. They’re bound to see you through to midnight and beyond…

Quiz Master

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Have a know-it-all in the group? Get them to prove their intelligence (or lack thereof) with a friendly quiz. Whether it's movie trivia or a team-based musical quiz game, there's plenty to keep everyone occupied this New Year's Eve. You could even create your own quiz to test your guests' knowledge on events from the past year, or play 'Name That Tune' with the top songs from 2022. Think ahead and plan enough questions to keep everyone entertained, then all you'll need to do is split the teams and share the nibbles.

Poker Face

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Poker is the perfect choice if you're looking for a theme for your New Year's Eve party. Glamorous, fun and ideal for groups, serve up easy-to-grab finger foods at the table and complete your evening with rounds of Kir Royales...after all, what's New Year's Eve without a little fizz?

Test Your Skills


You can be forgiven for feeling a little less than 100% over the festive season. After indulging in food, late nights and plenty of Christmas television, testing your dexterity skills might be exactly what you need to wake you from your festive lull. Puzzles and skill games are perfect for tabletop play post-dinner, and they’re ideal for the whole family to get involved with. Keep it child-friendly with a classic game of Dominos or go back to basics with a game of Tic Tac Toe.

New Year’s Eve Family Party Games

new year's eve family party games

Ringing in the New Year with family? We've got plenty of ideas that'll keep the young and young at heart entertained until midnight. Whether you're keeping it cosy with pyjamas and puzzles or indulging in some friendly competition with a board game night, make it one to remember with the perfect New Year's Eve family party games.

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