Interview with L’Objet founder Elad Yifrach


As a former interior designer, Elad Yifrach has always had a discerning eye for style and decadent taste. When he could not find the fine tabletop decorations he wished to source for his clients he decided to take matters into his own hands. Inspired by his world travels and artisan craftsmanship he began designing products himself and L’Objet was created in 2004. This year marks their tenth anniversary and to celebrate they have launched the spectacular Sous le Ciel collection. Elad generously spared some time from his hectic schedule to talk to us about the inspirations behind his latest collection and his top interior trend predictions...


Before creating L’Objet you were an interior designer, is this industry something you always wanted a career in – and what initially inspired you to start the brand?
I never intended to design products, and only started to when I realized a gap in the market while sourcing for my projects. I had so many ideas about how to complete a space with objects that were both functional and decorative… textured and modern, yet classic. My mentor at the time pushed me to experiment, and that’s what made me start bringing these ideas to life and create L’OBJET.

What can you tell us about the inspiration behind the 10th anniversary L’Objet collection Sous le Ciel?
The collection was inspired by the ancient Chinese Han Dynasty. One of the most important periods in ancient Chinese history, the Han dynasty saw the birth of a wealth in poetry, literature, philosophy and art, as well as the development of a number of artisanal techniques that still exist today. The collection is the perfect fusion of these ancient techniques with more modern sensibilities. Its design is strikingly pure and zen like, with crisp white porcelain set against 24ct gold, yet it has been created using some of the most complex and ground breaking techniques in existence.

What would you say has been your career highlight from the last ten years of L’Objet and what has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in that time?
To find an authentic voice for the brand, it was something I kept reminding myself while sourcing and developing collections. The world doesn’t need more product, the world needs better product with integrity and soul – it’s our mantra at L’OBJET and we try to live by it.


Many high profile fashion designers have moved into creating home collections — why do you think fashion and the home are so intrinsically linked and have you ever thought about going to opposite way and creating a fashion line?
The way you dress and the way you live represent your lifestyle – they are directly connected. Fashion houses want to extend their language beyond fashion, and creating a home is a very personal expression of who you are and your style. Fashion is a great space for creative mind, it’s something to dream about, but I don’t see myself doing it in this lifetime.

How would you describe your own home style — and what is your favourite room in your house and why?
My home is like my passport, filled with special pieces from around the globe. I have antiques and contemporary pieces all over. My favourite room is the Dining Room – I use it often and not just for eating.

If you could transform any interior space in the world with your creations where would it be and why?
I love spaces that have interesting stories to tell. If the walls in the Petit Trianon in Versailles could speak, I am sure they would tell some amazing tales. The building is in a Classic Greek style with French decor. I’d love to see my objects in that classic space, playing with modern proportions.


What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
A friend once told me: wake up, be positive and do your best. If things around you don’t change, change the things around you.

You’ve just discovered a time machine that can take you to either the past or the future, what year do you go to and why?
The 20s & 30s in Paris. The most beautiful and artistic era in the most beautiful city in the world.

What is your favourite ever L’Objet creation or collection — and why?
I love our candles. They are the perfect gift— decorative, functional and always bring a smile.

What are your top interior trend predictions for the future?
Refined ethnic with ottoman and arabesque influences. A lot of rich neutral tones together with bold jewel tones.

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